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Johannesburg, 20 Jan 2009
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Local distributor, Esquire Technologies, has announced the immediate availability of three pen scanner solutions from the Iris stable of products for executives on the move.

The Iris Pen Executive, Iris Pen Translator and Iris Pen Express are built to simplify the transfer of office, executive and mobile communications, and are simple to use and designed with longevity in mind.

“The Iris Pen Executive is a fully featured OCR scanning pen that works just like a highlighter,” says Mahomed Cassim, Sales and Marketing Director at Esquire Technologies. “Users simply slide it over printed information from newspapers, magazines, faxes or letters and they're left with real and editable text, right at their onscreen cursor.”

The Iris Pen Executive includes speech synthesis technologies that enable the PC to audibly repeat recognised data back to users. Available in eight languages, including French, German and Italian, the speech synthesis feature is available in the language that was chosen during initial installation.

Exclusive to the Iris Pen Executive is the scan multiple lines feature, where users can scan full excerpts from books and magazines at one time. The lines are stored in the pen until the user chooses to “click” them onto his screen.

"The Iris Pen Translator scans text and translates it automatically," says Cassim. “The inbuilt wizard offers a quick and easy way of defining settings, and comes with a set of templates with pre-defined settings for reading and translating certain types of data, like ordinary text, text from columns or text from tables.”

The last offering to form part of this announcement, the Iris Pen Express, is an intuitive text recognition handheld scanner. As with the first two, the Iris Pen Express offers a Small Print feature, which optimises results when scanning small printed text, with font size smaller than 10 points. It also offers templates that can be assigned to a preset button on the pen, which allow users to quickly change from ordinary text scanning to text from tables, for example.

Recommended retail prices:

IRIS Pen Executive 6 - R1 929
IRIS Pen Translator 6 -R1 449
IRIS Pen Express 6 - R 1519

Available throughout SA at: Esquire Technologies - contact 0861 70 00 00 or e-mail for your closest outlet.

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