White paper: Protecting Office 365 data with Arcserve

Johannesburg, 01 Sep 2020
Read time 50sec

Microsoft Office 365 empowers businesses to work anywhere, with over half of all companies dependent on it for e-mail communication, team collaboration and document retention. But, while Microsoft does an excellent job at safeguarding the physical infrastructure for these services, it’s a misconception that they safeguard your data in the way you might expect.

Microsoft operates with a shared-responsibility model, meaning they take responsibility for the software and physical security of their data centres, but it’s the responsibility of each user to protect data from human error, internal and external security threats, and programmatic issues.

Regain control of your Office 365 data with Arcserve Unified Data Protection, and benefit from the most complete set of data protection capabilities available for Office 365 – deployed with one Web-based user interface.

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