CallCabinet awarded 2021 Communications Solutions Product of the Year for Microsoft Teams compliance recording

For the sixth consecutive year, the Atmos compliance recording and analytics platform was named product of the year by TMC.

Johannesburg, 01 Sep 2021
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CallCabinet, the premiere cloud-native compliance call recording and AI-analytics provider, is pleased to announce TMC has named Atmos its 2021 Communications Solutions Product of the Year for its certified compliance recording solution for Microsoft Teams voice, video and screen share solutions. TMC’s judges honor exceptional products and services that facilitate voice, data and video communications.

Atmos is a necessary upgrade for any business that requires adherence to stringent compliance regulations. Our Microsoft-certified solution automatically captures and records every Microsoft Teams voice, video and screen share interaction and keeps them seamlessly compliant. Leverage the benefits of business-critical insights with Atmos’s additional industry-leading AI voice analytics, QA and agent performance evaluation features for any phone or device, both inside and outside of the Microsoft Teams environment.

“The way people work is changing rapidly. Today’s modern businesses are dealing with a global and often remote workforce. These new workforce challenges require innovative communication solutions that allow employees to communicate where and how they want while keeping every interaction secure and compliant,” stated Ryan Kahan, CallCabinet Group CEO. “We’re thrilled Atmos continues to push the boundaries and provide industry-leading solutions that resonate with our global client base and industry analysts.”

Before becoming a certified Microsoft solution for compliance recording, CallCabinet’s long-standing partnership with Microsoft thrived as an IP Co-Sell Ready and IP Co-Sell Incentivised Partner. Designed with compliance and security in mind, Atmos’s Azure-native architecture and seamless integration distinguish it as a mature cloud solution that naturally provides the kind of robust security features that most Microsoft Teams users require.

  • Active Directory Integration
  • IP address restrictions
  • Granular, user-based roles/permissions
  • Secure call sharing (Compliance Share)

Atmos is featured in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource Marketplace and was among the first solutions to receive Microsoft’s certification for compliance recording. Visit to discover more about our powerful recording solution, Atmos for Microsoft Teams voice, video and screen sharing.

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