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New training institute promises collective benefit for all in logistics and supply chain

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A new training initiative was launched in Johannesburg at the start of October. The Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (ILSCM) aims to partner with industry and to improve the general calibre of those pursuing careers in logistics and supply chain and related disciplines.

It is set to provide specialised open distance learning academic programmes and face-to-face short learning programmes that are occupationally-directed and tailored to the needs within the logistics and supply chain disciplines. Through its research arm, the ILSCM aims to share valuable findings, trends and opportunities identified, for the collective benefit of all stakeholders in the industry, whether a student, graduate or an existing practitioner.

Its unique offering in the market entails an articulation path which provides individuals with the opportunity to train in this field from an NQF Level 2 qualification all the way up to an NQF Level 7 qualification.

The Uniprep programme offers students the opportunity to bridge the gap from the Further Education level towards the Higher Education level. Very few institutions offer qualifications in this field; especially through distance learning education, which is becoming an increasingly popular mode of learning as it provides flexibility for the individual who is employed on a full-time basis.

"Having focused our programme offering, we are in a position to align ourselves more closely with the industry and its representative bodies," says ILSCM Head Dr Deon van der Merwe. "Our proactive approach allows us to stay abreast of new developments within the industry and to offer solutions to changing training needs. Many individuals entering their sectors of work are in need of the necessary education, training and experience. By continuously developing themselves, individuals will improve their own skills and contribute to the level of professionalism for their own and related industries. The positive impact of their growth on industry skills and competence levels will in turn positively affect the industry's level of delivery while addressing the significant skills crisis experienced in southern Africa."

"Logistics and supply chain skills development is required in any industry hosting supply chain practices - from farming; to manufacturing; to mining - and so any organisation involved in business will have some form of managed supply chains," says Open Learning Group CEO Etienne Stiglingh.

"Powered by the Open Learning Group (OLG), the ILSCM wants to create opportunities for individuals to gain knowledge, skills and competencies through affordable and accessible solutions, and collectively benefit all stakeholders involved. The adoption of distance learning support tools, such as the interactive whiteboards and online teaching and learning systems, simplifies the journey for the individual and ensures easy access to tutorials, learning material and interaction with fellow students and lecturers. OLG makes use of the SMARTBoard and has installed numerous SMARTBoards across southern Africa."

As a subsidiary of the Open Learning Holdings structure of education solutions providers, OLG, through the launch of the ILSCM, positions itself as a specialist supplier of education and training programmes for the logistics and supply chain management and related industries.

The ILSCM is proud of its quality assured processes anchored in OLG since its inception 16 years ago. An academic board oversees academic quality and is supported by various specialised academic sub-committees. The primary components of service delivery, teaching and learning, programme and curriculum development, and assessment are governed and monitored by sub-committees that include a technical advisory committee. Policies, protocols and processes guide and regulate a transparent and high performance environment designed to enable the ILSCM's visions and methodologies while establishing excellent service delivery and compliance with all necessary statutory rules and regulations.

For more information, contact ILSCM on (011) 670 4748 or (011) 670 4800 or visit and e-mail us on

Open Learning Group

Established in 1997, the Open Learning Group forms part of the Open Learning Holdings structure of education solution companies. Subsidiaries under the OLH structure include the Business School of Excellence (BSE) in Namibia, Credo Books and Masithuthuke Consulting Services, The Training Room Online and Principal Software in South Africa. The collective best practices, accreditation and experience delivered via OLG and OLH is of large benefit to students and clients using the ILSCM for their development pathway.

OLG's specialist logistics and supply chain programmes can be presented as full qualifications, skills programmes or short learning programmes.

* Specialist articulation path presented by the Open Learning Group: Wholesale and Retail Operations (NQF Level 2) and Distribution (NQF Level 2); Freight Handling (NQF Level 3); Road Transport (NQF Level 3); Uniprep Foundation programme; Higher Certificate in Logistics Management (NQF Level 5); Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (NQF Level 6); Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (NQF Level 7).

Open Learning Group - Reg No. 1997/020392/07 a subsidiary of Open Learning Holdings - Reg No. 1998/009375/07

Open Learning Group is provisionally registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training until 31 December 2013, as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997 - Provisional Registration Certificate No: 2009/HE07/005.

Open Learning Group is accredited as a QCTO Skills Development Provider: QCTO NATED/ 13/ 0001.

Open Learning Group is an accredited SETA provider with extensions of scope at both W&RSETA: Provider A/C code 76 and TETA: TETA12-293.

For more information, go to or contact OLG on (011) 670 4700.

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