Cyberoam offers channel incentives

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Cyberoam, a unified threat management (UTM) solutions vendor, has introduced an automated rewards programme offering gift incentives for every sale a reseller makes.

According to the vendor, the programme will reward registered channel partners for selling Cyberoam solutions. The points can be cashed in for several gifts and prizes, the company adds.

In a statement, Cyberoam says the rewards programme is part of an intrinsic strategy to stimulate its channel partners with new and efficient sales tools and incentives for making deeper inroads into the market.

The vendor also states that the automated scheme is user-friendly and instantly updates all creditworthy sales in real time.

Partners can login, check their balances, look through rewards and choose prizes, it explains. The points for the prize will be subtracted from the partner's account, reflecting the balance.

Cyberoam also points out that partners can participate in promotions all year round that double and triple points on select stock-keeping units, allowing them to cash in on more thrilling gifts. The points are calibrated against and equivalent to a unit of the standard US dollar, euro and pound currencies. The rewards point structure for the entire range of UTM devices is clearly listed on the portal.

Lynton Lubbe, SA country manager for Cyberoam, says: “Cyberoam designs incentive programmes and streamlines processes as part of its strategy of enabling partners to aggressively drive business in the channel, keep motivation levels high, and lower partners' costs at all possible points in the course of sales and marketing.

“We look forward to see the impact of the initiative, as it translates into value for sales and marketing effort across the channel.”

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