Google Assistant integrates with headphones

The QC35 II Bose headphones.

Google will integrate its virtual personal assistant (VPA) technology, Google Assistant, into a new set of Bose headphones, with more manufacturers to follow.

This will allow users to get in-ear feedback to questions they ask out loud while travelling, or around people. The VPA is already available on smartphones and home speakers.

"Sometimes you need something a bit more personal, just for you to hear. And that's where headphones come into play. Like when you're commuting on the train or reading at home. It would be nice to get on-the-go help from your Assistant, without glancing at your phone," says Tomer Amarilio, Google Assistant product manager.

For these "in between" moments, the tech giant has announced a partnership with sound equipment manufacturer Bose. The companies have created a pair of headphones, the QC35 II, that are optimised for Google Assistant.

The listening device will need to be paired via Bluetooth to an Android or Apple smartphone (as long as they have Google Assistant installed) and then users can 'ask' their headphones to play music, call family members or give them the weather forecast.

The headphones can also be set up to automatically play incoming messages, give reminders, or read out breaking news bulletins.

In August, Google announced it would integrate its VPA into a range of speakers and home appliances. This allows users to control their fridge, vacuum, washing machine, kettle, or any electronic device, using their voice from any device with Google Assistant.

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