FireScope and Cherwell: a match made in... the CMDB

Imagine what you could achieve if your CMDB was service aware, always up to date and maintained itself.

Johannesburg, 19 Oct 2017
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Creating, managing and maintaining a configuration management database (CMDB) is one of IT's biggest nightmares.

Even decades after the concept's origination many organisations have undertaken massive manual efforts, time and money without complete success.

Pink Elephant believes that IT services can be transformed by automation of processes.

Imagine what you could achieve if your CMDB was service aware, always up to date and maintained itself.

FireScope is a powerful product that aims to do exactly that.

Integration of Cherwell and FireScope creates a perfect partnership to automate the CMDB - one of the most challenging ITIL concepts to get right.

FireScope's Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM) solution automates creation of the CMDB by quickly discovering critical services, their dependencies and then accurately maintains these relationships in constantly changing IT environments.

Benefits of an accurate, real-time CMDB:

* Improves visibility of IT services, reducing the time between identification and resolution of service impacting incidents;
* Simplifies incident and problem management;
* Assists in determining the impact of changes; and
* Improves monitoring of critical services.

Cherwell, a challenger in IT service management solutions, integrates fully with FireScope, enabling automatic population of the CMDB in Cherwell as services are deployed, modified or retired. This provides a consistent and up to date model of critical IT Services.

"One of the fastest growing areas in the industry - at least in terms of need if not always in terms of answers - is the intersection of IT service management and operations, especially when critical service interdependencies can be discovered effectively and dynamically," said Dennis Drogseth, vice president, Enterprise Management Associates.

"FireScope's discovery has shown value in currency and time to value, and is an excellent fit for Cherwell's strengths in ITSM for managing and optimising change, as well as enabling unified process and workflows across not just ITSM teams, but potentially all of IT."

The FireScope Stratis Suite also includes monitoring functionality.

Through integration between Cherwell Service Management and FireScope Stratis incidents can be auto generated when service-impacting events are identified, resulting in advanced predictive and IT operations analytics.

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