Dimension Data launches Managed Security Services in Middle East and Africa

New suite of standardised managed and cloud-based services deployed to tackle current and emerging security threats.

Johannesburg, 09 Nov 2015
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Dimension Data today announced the launch of its Managed Security Services (MSS) in Middle East and Africa. Dimension Data's MSS are a suite of managed and cloud-based services to help organisations establish compliance, minimise business impact, and reduce overall security risk in the face of today's emerging threats.

"Our MSS offerings represent a new milestone in our security capabilities and will strengthen Dimension Data's position as a leading managed security services provider in Middle East and Africa," said Sean Duffy, Security Executive at Dimension Data Middle East and Africa.

"These services offload the burden of real-time network monitoring, advanced security analysis, and global intelligence correlation to Dimension Data, while allowing businesses to keep complete insight into critical business information."

MSS is a global offering, currently delivered by Dimension Data's 24x7 Security Operations Centres (SOCs). The services will be complemented by the extensive knowledge and experience of Dimension Data's professional security services teams across Middle East and Africa.

MSS identifies and solves real-time security risks through a proven, continuous management process. Organisations can outsource the management of specific security activities and services so they can achieve the business flexibility needed to manage IT infrastructure while focusing on core business objectives.

"Dimension Data's MSS has been operating with great success for the past decade from its base in Australia, and has been recognised within the Dimension Data group as world's best practice," said Duffy.

"Now, we are delivering these services into our regions as a standardised global offering, cost-effectively and consistently. We have been able to achieve this by leveraging our global managed cloud infrastructure and services delivery capability, combined with the managed services and security expertise and delivery capabilities we already have in region."

Globally, Dimension Data has over 6 000 security clients across all industry sectors, including financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, government and education.

Dimension Data MSS will be offered to all new clients, and will be phased in to replace the existing Managed Secure Infrastructure Service (MSIS) offering that has been operating successfully in Middle East and Africa for the past eight years with over 40 clients. Dimension Data's current MSIS clients will continue to be supported on the MSIS platform and transitioned over to the new services on a case-by-case basis. This will ensure all current MSIS clients will gain access to the full value and benefits that the global MSS platform provides.

Dimension Data

Founded in 1983, Dimension Data is an ICT services and solutions provider that uses its technology expertise, global service delivery capability, and entrepreneurial spirit to accelerate the business ambitions of its clients. Dimension Data is a member of the NTT Group. Visit the company at Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow Dimension Data on Twitter.

The first seven services to be launched as part of Dimension Data's MSS suite are:

* Managed Firewall: protects key information assets across networks, hosts, applications, and databases.
* Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention: network-based intrusion detection and prevention systems to protect network-connected infrastructure from threats and vulnerabilities.
* Managed Email Gateway: ensures that email gateway technologies are monitored and managed effectively, and provides continued protection from information leakage, and from viruses, Trojans, spyware, and malicious code distributed via e-mail.
* Managed Web Gateway: ensures that Web gateway technologies (proxies) are monitored and managed effectively, to provide continued protection from information leakage, and from viruses, Trojans, spyware, and malicious code distributed via the Web.
* Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF): protects key Web information assets against application and encrypted attacks, such as cross-site scripting and structured query language-code injection.
* Email Security-as-a-Service: ensures a consistent, 'always-on' email experience for users while guarding against email threats - including viruses, phishing, spam, spyware, data theft, and blended threats.
* Real-time Threat Management-as-a-Service: enables effective, real-time monitoring, detection, analysis, and response for the security alerts produced on the network.

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