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Gamer wins ultimate prize

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Bryan Henderson, from Edinburgh, Scotland, was confirmed to have completed "Curiosity: What's inside the box?" six months after its release, on 26May. His prize - a role in creating and planning upcoming 22cans game Godus (as well as a cut of the money made from it) - has left industry analysts talking.

Godus will allow players to take on the role of a deity, shaping lands and people to their will. Henderson will be given the role of the God of gods, allowing him to introduce his own rules and morals to the game.

"I would like to have quite a personal impact on the game. I'm not too sure on what I'll be able to do right now in regards to what I will [be able to] decide to put into the game," Henderson told Gamer-UK, but he did say it was something he'd be taking advantage of "from time to time".

"People are going to hate me for this," Henderson told Wired in a phone interview, "but I only registered for the game earlier this morning, about an hour before I won the thing."

In an unusual move by 22cans, Henderson was asked whether he wished to keep the prize a secret, or reveal it, opting for the latter.

"I didn't even think about keeping it a secret. I guess I just didn't want everyone to be disappointed," he said in an interview with Polygon.

Originally known as "Curiosity", the game was renamed "Curiosity: What's inside the box?" to avoid confusion with the Mars rover also in the news at the time.

The gameplay consists of users tapping away at a floating cube, slowly breaking its layers away and working towards the ultimate prize, and allows for micro-transactions to purchase more effective 'tools' to break away the cube.

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