SA company, e4 disrupts Australian lending process

Johannesburg, 11 May 2017
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Ryan Barlow, e4's Chief Technology Officer.
Ryan Barlow, e4's Chief Technology Officer.

Software as a Service company, e4, says that digitisation has led to its South African-based technology being launched in Australia. Ryan Barlow, Chief Technology Officer, e4, says that while the company has made significant inroads locally with its business automation and digital solutions, the Australian banking sector has identified the increasing need for the automation of core banking processes and other digital solutions.

"Data gathering, signing of documents as well as the identification and verification of customers has long been an arduous process, traditionally requiring physical face to face interactions and reams of paper. e4's digital verification and identification solution, which is used during the client on-boarding process, disrupts and radically changes the face of lending and the relevant loan application process," says Barlow.

He says that e4 is focused on the digital transformation trend that is taking place in the lending space, providing much-needed innovative applications that underpin traditional as well as disruptive service offerings: "Aimed at the financial service sector, we anticipate increased interest from traditional and non-traditional mortgage lenders. We will also engage mortgage brokers, who originate 50% of all new mortgage applications into lenders, mortgage aggregators and mortgage settlement partners in Australia. This model is closely aligned with the e4's business model in South Africa."

Heading the Australian business based in both Sydney and Adelaide is e4's managing director, Stuart Hosford. He is supported by e4's operational bases located in South Africa and Mauritius.

Locally, Barlow says e4's digital service offering is being considered by South Africa's biggest lenders and financial services companies: "We are confident that our approach to digital transformation within these sectors will be very well received and we look forward to growing the solution set and territories we implement them into," says Barlow.


e4 is an innovative technology company specialising in the provision of software solutions as a service. It endeavours to form strategic partnerships with clients to provide meaningful and continued value as technology experts over the long term. Its end-to-end offerings are fully supported throughout the entire service lifecycle.

The introduction of Convergence Partners and Stockdale Street as new investors in April 2016 has enabled the e4 Group to accelerate growth through new product and services development, and further expand its geographic footprint.

Convergence Partners is an investment management firm focused on the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sector in Africa. It has a proven track record of developing new investment opportunities as well as adding value to investments across the entire life cycle of ICT assets.

Stockdale Street manages the Oppenheimer family's South African private equity interests invests alongside strong management teams in established companies that have sustainable competitive advantages and favourable growth prospects.

e4 and its subsidiaries employs over 400 staff at offices in Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, Cape Town and Namibia with satellite offices in PE, Bloemfontein, East London and Mpumalanga.

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