Why effective school management through technology will be the building blocks for effective learning

Johannesburg, 03 Dec 2018
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d6 group is all about creating #effectiveschools through better management and the use of technology. It currently serves more than 2 500 schools nationally, with its state-of-the-art school management system, d6+, as well as the well-known d6 school communicator.

When we think of schools, we tend to think only about the learning and sometimes forget the complexities around the management and assume it's a hygiene factor.

Effective management is key to enable effective learning. Schools are complex businesses and all the parts need to work together. In my view, management of schools do not receive enough emphasis and attention to ensure and enable quality learning. Most effort and funding (including CSI funding) are more focused on solving the learning issues and not necessarily school management, which is the core.

d6 group is much more than just a communicator to schools. It is a company that understands the education space, and with its d6+ software solutions, it assists schools to become even more effective. #morethanjustacommunicator

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