Elingo a drawcard at Genesys Blended AI Summit 2019

The summit will explore the dynamics of AI and its effect on customer experience, with Elingo and Genesys sharing their passion for tech.

Johannesburg, 28 Jun 2019
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Paul McIntyre, CX executive at Elingo.
Paul McIntyre, CX executive at Elingo.

Africa’s long-standing Genesys Gold Partner, Elingo, proudly confirms its Bronze sponsorship of the Genesys Blended AI Summit 2019, an industry-led event scheduled to take place on 2 July  at the Maslow Hotel. The summit will explore the dynamics of artificial intelligence (AI) and its effect on customer experience (CX).

Experts believe that the market is far more in tune with the realities of AI and the influence of this technology on business processes, particularly when it comes to customer engagement and CX.

Genesys powers more than 25 billion of the world’s best customer experiences each year. The company’s success comes from connecting employee and customer conversations on any channel.

Genesys has integrated the benefits of AI into its CX solutions.

With Kate, the Genesys bot, organisations can integrate AI holistically into their CX solution, on both the customer journey and the employee journey, without neglecting the importance of the human factor. This is what Genesys calls Blended AI.

Examples of these AI enhancements include: automated agents, virtual assistants (chatbots, voicebots), predictive engagement, prospect conversion, performance DNA, predictive routing, etc.

The theme of the event is Better Business Outcomes with AI Powered Journey Optimisation.

The company’s chief marketing officer, Merijn te Booij, will deliver the keynote presentation, focused on blended AI.

In addition, futurist Craig Wing is scheduled to provide his insights and views on the development of AI.

Paul McIntyre, CX executive at Elingo, says the company is very pleased to be part of this event and lend its support to what is fast emerging as the hottest technology topic.

“We know that AI is finding application across a number of industries and there are use cases almost on a daily basis. But AI is really gaining a great deal of attention for the level at which it can be integrated by businesses to improve the customer experience. Many businesses understand the value of bringing AI on board, but lack the understanding and insight to be able to successfully follow through. There are barriers, and this is where experienced partners like Elingo can map business outcomes to solution functions, to clear up misconceptions and potential misunderstandings.”

McIntyre adds that Elingo has a long and proud association with its partner, Genesys, and the two companies share a passion for next-generation digital technology that spearheads the advent and uptake of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

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