Double first for Spescom DataVoice screen recording

Johannesburg, 15 Nov 2006
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Spescom DataVoice has announced that screen recording has not only just become available as a component of its successful Libra recording solution but is also now being offered as a standalone product.

Historically, screen recording has only been available with the DataVoice Orion voice recorder.

Francois Visagie, Spescom DataVoice Product Manager, says this move has been prompted by market demand for this powerful customer service enhancement tool.

"Screen recording is now an important component of our Libra solution - a feature-rich product aimed at the SME market. Customers can also now enjoy the added bonus of purchasing it as a standalone system," says Visagie.

Recording agents' screen activity plays a vital role in contact centre management and quality control. Proper management of agents' activities yields many rewards. It ensures high quality service delivery for the customers, productivity and employee satisfaction benefits for the staff and overall efficiency for the contact centre operations.

"The strength of Spescom DataVoice technology is its value proposition. What distinguishes DataVoice Screen Recording is its unique price/performance offering. We offer best-of-breed solutions for screen recording, voice recording, computer-telephony integration (CTI), performance management and speech analysis. Moreover, these solutions - all highly affordable in their own right - can all be provided on the same platform, creating an unbeatable value-for-money offering."

As a standalone solution, it can be set to record during specified time periods or when designated applications are called. In combination with a DataVoice recording solution, Screen Recording can be set to activate throughout an entire customer interaction, allowing centralised control and management.

"With the rest of the DataVoice recording system, it interfaces with the PABX to record crucial agent and call details - including full scenario reconstruction information - and customers can choose to interface it with their performance management solution or even directly with their business applications for retrieval and analysis.

"Spescom DataVoice Screen Recording plays a fundamental role in the efficient running of any size of contact centre, from SME to enterprise," says Visagie. "It is affordable and easily integrated into larger solutions, making it an attractive offering for all our customers."


Spescom, a Proudly South African company, is a multinational technology innovator with direct operations in the US, UK and South Africa.

The group is publicly listed on the JSE Limited (Spescom Ltd).

Spescom is an information and communications technology company focused on the various aspects of enterprise content management.

The group provides products and solutions to connect to the network economy, as well as enterprise software to manage information and knowledge.

Specifically, Spescom supplies solutions in the areas of access network, enterprise information management, multimedia transaction recording, broadcast and customer contact centres.

Spescom DataFusion, the group's contact centre operation, is a certified Avaya Platinum business partner. This is a distinction reserved for select enterprises with proven world-class technical expertise and customer service.

Spescom markets its products worldwide through appointed partners and distributors under the eB brand for its enterprise software, and the DataVoice brand for its multimedia transaction recording solutions. DataVoice is marketed internationally by London-based Spescom Limited UK.

eB is sold by US-based Spescom Software Inc.

Spescom's global customer base consists of multinational organisations including leading enterprises in the utilities, telecommunications, transportation, financial, banking and insurance sectors.

Worldwide, customers include Eskom, Blake & Associates, Nedcore, Auto & General, IBM, First National Bank, Wesbank, Cell C, Old Mutual, Direct Axis, ICG, Siemens, National Bank of Dubai, Telecom Austria, Lloyds TSB, National Bank of Kuwait, Dubai Police, WHSmith, Network Rail (Railtrack); City of Lancaster,Aker Kvaenrner, Bechtel, Pan American Energy, Lloyds Register, Caterpillar, Colorado Springs Utilities, Entergy, Ameren UE, Constellation Energy Group, Seabrook, Telkom SA, Vodacom, MTN, Grintek and Econet.

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