Snom releases VOIP phone series

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Snom releases VOIP phone series

Telecoms specialist, snom has unveiled a new series of voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) phones targeted specifically at small and medium-sized enterprises, Telappliant reports.

The snom 7-series VOIP phones combine traditional calling features that firms can expect to find on any handset with an array of cutting-edge functions normally associated with enterprise-class communications technology.

Fierce Enterprise Communications says the snom 720 and snom 760 business phones combine multiple programmable buttons and standard business functionality of the snom 3xx series with the advanced functionality and Gigabit Ethernet switch found in the snom 8xx series to create an advanced desktop phone at a value-driven price.

The new phones, the company said, puts it in competition with some of the biggest vendors in the industry competing for enterprise business.

Both phones also feature Bluetooth connectivity via optional USB stick, allowing users the freedom to use a compatible Bluetooth headset.

According to VOIP Planet, both are high-quality speakerphones, and both support HD voice - as well as providing advanced SIP and VXML functionality for multi-application support and integration.

They have built-in clocks with automatic daylight-savings adjustment, and they feature internal phone books that support up to 1 000 entries.

What distinguishes the two 7xx models is the choice between a smallish (four-line) monochrome screen and 18 configurable buttons (the 720) and a larger colour screen that can display caller images and 12 buttons (the 760).

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