'Heavy Metal' no problem for Omni-ID RFID hard tags

Johannesburg, 15 Dec 2011
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“Osiris Technical Systems is very proud of [its] association with the well known brand of Omni-ID. Omni-ID is a leading manufacturer of rugged, mount-on-metal tags, and is the leader in this field,” says Stef du Plessis of Osiris Technical Systems.

“Omni-ID holds several patents on a unique plasmonic structure that amplifies the RF energy from the reader and focuses it on the tag. This unique structure inside the tag allowed Omni-ID to set a world record for the longest read range for a passive tag of 33m.”

Omni-ID has set the standard for asset tagging in industrial and commercial environments. Widely used in IT asset tracking and data centres, these tags are now available to cater for global businesses with locations worldwide. Omni-ID's Prox GS tag operates across all geographies worldwide, in accordance with EPC Gen 2 standards. The tag is particularly well suited for IT environments where data centres are widespread across locations. The on-metal Prox GS UHF tags function across the entire 860HMz to 960MHz range, rather than being tuned to operate at only one of three UHF bands. This makes it possible for companies to use one tag on all IT assets, regardless of their location.

The Prox GS is compliant with the Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) standards for data centre asset tracking, which specifies expected RFID tag performance to enable more efficient tracking and handling of IT assets in the data centre. Having RFID tags on IT assets before shipping them to data centres enables financial institutions to identify the assets from the moment they arrive. The Omni-ID Prox tag is small enough to fit on assets with low surface area availability. It comes in a variety of finished form factors: with a printed label finish, measuring 33x10x4mm, with adhesive backing for easy attachment, or in a 55x16x7.5mm rigid case with adhesive backing designed for use in a moist environment.

Omni-ID also announced that is has launched a new three-year warranty programme - an industry-leading programme for passive UHF RFID tag products that is an extension beyond most standard industry one-year warranties. Omni-ID customers will now benefit from a free extended warranty on encased hard tag products including the Prox, Flex, Max and Ultra product lines.

“Asset tracking and other RFID applications require tags to function over many years,” said George E. Daddis, Jr. PhD, CEO of Omni-ID. “We recognise the cost of replacing a tag in the field is very high in both capital and human resources, no matter what the size of your business. Over the years, Omni-ID has been synonymous with quality and durability - this new programme is just one more way we're ensuring that when end-users need rock-solid RFID tag technology and assurance of supply, Omni-ID is the only choice.”

Omni-ID's innovative product development process includes a proprietary testing protocol that includes pre-production testing and 100% testing at three points during production to ensure the stability and durability of the tags and tag components at delivery and in real-world deployments. The company employs a Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) programme. The HALT testing programme includes several weeks' of exposure to extreme environmental conditions, as well as repeated cycling between high and low temperatures, ingression testing to insure waterproofing to indicated IP ratings, and high-impact mechanical testing - guaranteeing the highest quality for end-users.

“These tags are Marine-proof! We've taken these tags to every clime and place and they perform admirably - including being splash-tested on our amphibious assault vehicles,” said Lyle G. Layher, US Marine Corps, Blount Island Command. “Omni-ID's 100% testing process ensures every tag works right out of the box - that means 100% reliability on Marine Corps and Navy pre-positioned assets.”

“No other manufacturer has such an impressive range of rugged RFID tags with the performance that Omni-ID offers. What is even more impressive are the continuous improvements on already superior technology that one has come to expect of Omni-ID,” says Du Plessis. “We have samples of all the types of tags available and would gladly assist clients with tests in their environment.”

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