Low-cost PCs to reach 8m

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Low-cost PCs to reach 8m

According to Market Intelligence Center (MIC) in Taiwan, the worldwide low-price mini notebook PC shipment is likely to reach 8.02 million units in 2008, says CIOL.

In 2009 shipment volume is forecasted to reach a scale of 18.3 million units, growing 128% annually.

Mainstream screen sizes are gradually moving from 7-inch to 8.9- and 10-inch. Most of the new products launched in 2008 feature 8.9-inch screens, while for OS most products adopt Microsoft XP, with Linux as a complementary option.

Malaysia to get i-Dola and Jean-i

Three months from now, Malaysians will be able to buy the i-Dola laptop and Jean-i personal computer at basement prices, says The Star Online.

Mimos is now ready to licence the production of the Malaysian computer codenamed Mak Cik, which it took two years to develop. The laptop and PC are named after the Prime Minister and his wife.

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili said the laptop would cost RM1 000, and the PC RM500.

Dells reveals small desktop

Dell has unveiled its smallest consumer PC, the Studio Hybrid, along with two new PCs in its Inspiron product line, says CRN.

The Dell Studio Hybrid PC can be set up horizontally or vertically to fit in any room in any niche in the house. It comes in seven finishes: bamboo, emerald, quartz, ruby, sapphire, slate, and topaz.

Starting at $499, the Studio Hybrid PC is available through Dell immediately and will be available through retailers later this year. The PC is about 80% smaller than a typical desktop minitower, uses up to 70% less energy and is Energy Star 4.0 compliant, according to Dell.

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