A time to lead…

By Anujah Bosman, CEO of Chillisoft.

Johannesburg, 23 Apr 2020
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Extraordinary times call for leadership with the head, heart and gut. Our president, businesses and South Africans are demonstrating this leadership and are stepping up to the plate. Our language has significantly shifted from "the president" to "my president".

COVID-19 has revealed many fault lines in our country. It is also revealing a new normal for South Africans. We are all worried about the economy and business. But even during these worrying times, we have started to understand and relate to the inequality that exists in our beautiful country.

Chillisoft's purpose is and has always been about understanding and supporting the ecosystem that we live in. Our founding purpose is: "To create an ecosystem where knowledge workers actively pursue and maximise happiness, where they are actively engaged in a positive manner, doing meaningful work.” We recognise our accountability to our community and society. It is for this reason that Chillisoft continues to support our country with our product, Border Control. We are also actively developing apps to assist with fieldwork and logistics during this lockdown period.

Chillisoft has chosen to financially contribute to our employees' domestic help during this period. We recognise that they are an essential part of the support network for our team. We have also chosen to support and contribute to the excellent work that is done by Gift of the Givers and other NGOs. We call on other technology companies to recognise the people that enable knowledge workers to perform. These are people who are normally not registered for UIF because they typically work for a day a week at multiple households. Yes, the president has mentioned financial support that will assist them; however, South Africa has many families to feed and many systems to implement to enable this.

South Africa has always risen to the occasion when the odds seem to be stacked against us succeeding. This is one of those times. 

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