Obscure Technologies clinches sole distributorship deal with Cybereason

Johannesburg, 13 Jan 2021
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Obscure Technologies, one of SA’s leading cyber security specialist companies, has been appointed sole South African distributor of Cybereason.

Justin Lee, MD of Obscure Technologies, says this deal is significant because Cybereason offers a novel and effective approach to cyber security, and South Africa is a prime target for cyber criminals.

According to a study by Accenture, South Africa had the third-highest number of cyber crime victims in the world, despite ranking only 25 in terms of population. Overall, the country loses R2.2 billion a year in cyber crime.*

“Cybereason positions itself as a defender rather than a responder. It sees itself as part of a single team of defenders, not as a vendor with customers, and its approach is operations-centric rather than reactive,” Lee says. “By focusing on operations rather than alerts, Cybereason enables defenders to visualise malicious operations from root cause to every affected endpoint in real-time. Analysts are empowered to understand, and pinpoint end attacks with a single click.

“The focus is on ending the attack as it starts, not repairing a breach once it has occurred.”

Cybereason also offers autonomous remediation that reduces the mean time to rectify the situation, down to minutes. With no extensive and time-consuming manual interventions, Cybereason increases the effectiveness of remediation and enables a single analyst to defend as many as 200 000 endpoints, both fixed and mobile.

“Cybereason is harnessing the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence and the cloud to take defence to a new level,” Lee says.

Brandon Rochat, Country Manager: South Africa for Cybereason, says the company is delighted to be working with Obscure Technologies. “South Africa has always been an enthusiastic adopter of digital technologies, and no doubt COVID-19 is driving faster digitalisation as it is in many other markets,” he says. “As more of the economy moves online, we can expect hackers to continue targeting the country. Obscure has built a great reputation as security experts in this arena, and they have created a dynamic channel. We look forward to working with them in taking our unique value proposition to the market.”

* Äccenture, “Insight into the cyber threat landscape in South Africa” (22 May 2020), available at

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