Whitepaper: Ransomware and NetBackup

Johannesburg, 07 Jul 2020
Read time 1min 00sec

Ransomware has quickly emerged as one of the most dangerous cyber threats facing both organisations and consumers, with global losses likely running into billions of dollars each year. Adopting a unified approach to data management with Datacentrix a partner of Veritas helps ensure that you are protected, regardless of where your data resides.

Much like other kinds of malware, ransomware most often enters a company through e-mail via phishing attempts (59% of cases), when a user opens a malicious attachment or utilises a compromised Web site or Web application (24% of cases). These attacks almost always enter an organisation at a user’s desktop or laptop (85%of cases).

Once the ransomware has penetrated the organisation, it runs malicious software (also known as “payload”) on the infected machine with the user’s privileges – thereby gaining access to the user’s data. The malware may then exploit operating system and application vulnerabilities on the machine or on the network to further penetrate and spread throughout the organisation.

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