CallCabinet's "perfect compliance" call recording makes leap to Vodia Hosted PBX

CallCabinet becomes the only regulatory compliant call recording solution certified for Vodia's multi-tenant PBX in the cloud.

Johannesburg, 20 May 2016
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CallCabinet, long trusted for its multiple award-winning compliant call recording solution, Atmos, has teamed up with Vodia, the company that pioneered multi-tenant PBX, with a cloud-based solution for every firm that needs to record calls for training, dispute resolution, regulatory compliance, or security.

Vodia's Hosted PBX customers are already used to the cost savings, CRM and billing integration, and WebRTC features of their wholly owned technology, which is more secure than Asterisk, according to Vodia.

With CallCabinet's integrated solution, Atmos, Vodia customers benefit through unlimited, securely encrypted storage of recorded calls that meet regulatory compliance requirements. Atmos is a cloud-based call recording environment, where every recorded call meets compliance and is individually encrypted at its source, with a rotating encryption methodology that is unique and specific to each call.

"Vodia was a clear choice," said Ryan Kahan, CEO at CallCabinet. "They've led the way for multi-tenant solutions for more than a decade, allowing resellers to host thousands of companies inside a simple architecture. Combined with Atmos, Vodia customers now have a hosted recording solution that meets regulatory compliance and offers a 'pay as you grow' business model."

Regulatory compliance is growing within the business community and is now affecting a wide range of organisations, from small business to global enterprises. Traditionally, regulatory compliance was limited to contact centres, where today compliance reaches all aspects of an organisation, including finance, human resources, technical support and many other departments.

The combined solution offers Vodia resellers a unique business opportunity to sell CallCabinet's Atmos platform and expand its offering to its customers. CallCabinet has an excellent reseller programme that pays commissions to Atmos resellers. The partnership with Vodia opens up Vodia resellers to be included in the programme.

"We knew we had to have CallCabinet as soon as we met them," said Christian Stredicke, CEO of Vodia. "Recording calls in a compliant way is difficult enough by itself. Atmos now leads a breakthrough in ease of use, scalability and security. You can manage recordings through a simple interface and search, sort or locate any call within seconds. It gives Vodia customers complete peace of mind."

In the coming weeks, CallCabinet and Vodia will announce its programmes for both end-customers and resellers. To find out more, please contact CallCabinet or Vodia.


Winner of "Best in Show" awards at ITEXPO shows in Miami, Anaheim, and Fort Lauderdale, and winner of the 2016 Internet Telephony Product of the Year and other awards, CallCabinet is a leading developer of innovative, flexible and cutting-edge cloud and premises-based call recording solutions. Atmos puts a fully compliant, cloud hosted, industrial strength and easy-to-implement call recording solution within reach of distributed and smaller enterprises for the first time.


Vodia Hosted PBX is the award-winning and technically pioneering solution for resellers that have "gotta have" superior features in WebRTC, security, and multi-tenancy. Unlike competitors, Vodia PBX was built to run in public and private clouds from day one, and on virtual machines as well. Customers save 60% of costs and find a strikingly large array of integrated VOIP phones and features. Vodia is the rocket in your telephone's socket.

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