JMR Software partners with SDS to bring VitalSigns SIEM Agent for z/OS to SA

Johannesburg, 08 Aug 2017
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From left: Colin van der Ross, Senior Systems Engineer, SDS; Susan van Zyl, Head of Sales and Marketing, JMR Software; Jerome Benting, Account Executive, JMR Software.
From left: Colin van der Ross, Senior Systems Engineer, SDS; Susan van Zyl, Head of Sales and Marketing, JMR Software; Jerome Benting, Account Executive, JMR Software.

JMR today announced a partnership with SDS (Software Diversified Services) - a US-based software solution company - to become the exclusive South African provider, further expanding its solution offerings, with SDS's security software solution for the mainframe to integrate mainframe security events into your SIEM (security information and event management).

The perception is that mainframes are safe and companies store highly sensitive and vital data on the IBM z/OS mainframe platform. The truth is mainframes can be hacked and are being hacked. Hackers are finding new inventive ways to obtain corporate and personal information, causing disruption to company business and creating serious reputational damage.

For years, mainframe security and auditing stayed isolated inside mainframes, available via batch jobs running hours after the events they reported. But, isolated silos of data simply won't stand up to today's security threats and every company is at risk of losing vital information, and security breaches can incur massive costs to these companies.

With SDS's VitalSigns SIEM Agent for z/OS (VSA), you can fill the mainframe gap in your SIEM and alert IT security personnel of threats before they happen. With VSA, your data risk and security managements teams have a true enterprise-wide view of all the events they need to capture and threats they need to recognise.

Enterprise-wide monitoring of security events is critical, not only for tracking malicious activity, but also to meet stringent compliance requirements. VSA helps meet your compliance requirements and is an invaluable tool to help your business comply with SOX, PCI and HIPAA standards.

SDS has developed and supported software for IT professionals in IBM mainframe environments since 1982, with over 1 000 clients worldwide, including many Global 500 companies in banking, finance, insurance and retail, as well as local, state and national governments.

"JMR's strong working knowledge and experience in mainframe and mid-range systems as well as their strong customer base and expertise in the use of a wide-range of technologies makes them the ideal reseller to expand our VitalSigns SIEM Agent for z/OS solution in South Africa," said SDS Senior Systems Engineer, Colin van der Ross.

Established in 1987, JMR is celebrating 30 years in IT consulting and software development and is an independent South African company with strong international roots and relationships.

Our relationships are built on our integrity, expertise, capability and years of successful delivery to a wide range of clients. As part of our professional services and specialist IT resource offerings, we deliver custom-developed software solutions, mobile applications and highly skilled IT resources.

"We bring extensive experience to market in delivering solutions deemed best fit for our customers.
The partnership with SDS will further enhance JMR Software's portfolio of solution offerings to our customers. I am very excited being able to represent SDS and their VSA solution in the local market," said Susan van Zyl, Head of Sales and Marketing, JMR Software.

For further information, please contact Susan van Zyl, Head of Sales and Marketing at JMR Software, (+27) 072 408 0118 or Jerome Benting, Account Executive at JMR Software (+27) 073 195 6766.

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