Beyond the game: From player to entrepreneur

Johannesburg, 22 Sep 2017
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When athletes at the pinnacle of their success win trophies and break records, a thought is seldom spared for the thousands of others who never reached the highest level, despite having sacrificed time, resources and other opportunities in the pursuit of a sports dream.

The reality is that only a very small percentage of sports people who are drafted into regional and provincial teams actually make it to professional level.

Many of them are left with not only shattered dreams, but also little or no skills to become the entrepreneurs and business owners they might like to be.

Recognising this reality, Bytes People Solutions has created a skills development programme to equip sportspeople with business skills.

Called New Venture Creation, this National Qualification is at NQF level 4. It develops the skills and imparts the knowledge a person needs to establish and develop a business venture, and addresses the economic, administrative and behavioural factors that influence success.

"Being an entrepreneur can be hugely rewarding, but also scary and lonely," says Madelise Grobler: MD at Bytes People Solutions. "With this programme we give sportspeople specifically the best possible start to a new life as a business owner. It is also another way in which we contribute to the economic development of our country."

The programme can be presented at Bytes People Solutions venues in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban, or sports teams or bodies can arrange for it to be run at a venue convenient for their players.

New Venture Creation curriculum

* Business communication;
* Learning and communication in the workplace;
* Maths literacy;
* Researching the viability of new venture ideas;
* How to create a business plan;
* How to finance and set up a new venture;
* How to manage staff;
* Understanding marketing;
* How to manage administration and negotiate an agreement;
* Managing contracts and production; and
* How to improve new venture performance.

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