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Johannesburg, 28 Jan 2015
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Specialist IT consulting and integration house, Logikal Consulting, has signed a partnership agreement with Verint Systems. The NASDAQ listed company offers what it calls "Actionable Intelligence" solutions for customer engagement optimisation, security intelligence, and fraud, risk and compliance.

Under the terms of the agreement, Logikal Consulting will be the exclusive systems integration partner for Verint Systems in sub-Saharan Africa, providing consultancy and services around the company's full product suite.

"Verint Systems is a global leader in a competitive environment, providing world-class solutions that help improve enterprise performance and security. Its product suite is a great addition to our existing portfolio, which is focused on supporting and enabling the types of solutions Verint Systems provides. This will enhance our offering to our customers, helping to provide further ways we can improve and optimise their environments," says Gerald Naidoo, CEO of Logikal Consulting.

Verint Systems offers communications, cyber intelligence, business impact, marketing and customer care, financial compliance, and mobile solutions. "These all integrate perfectly with our existing offering, adding to the customised, industry-specific solutions we provide our customers," Naidoo adds.

Verint Systems specialises in the financial services, insurance, retail, telecommunications, healthcare and business services verticals, providing a range of solutions that have more than 600 patents and applications worldwide, explains Kevin Mani at Verint Sytems South Africa. "With a large, diversified customer base in more than 10 000 organisations across 80 countries, the company has extensive expertise in a number of markets. We are really excited to be working with Logikal Consulting in growing the Verint presence in Africa."

Mani says the partnership came about as a result of Logikal Consulting's expertise in developing vendor footprints across the continent, as well as the synergies in the two companies' approaches. "Logikal Consulting has a great track record and an existing customer base in all of the verticals Verint Systems targets. Logikal's expertise, combined with Verint's product portfolio, made this an obvious partnership to meet the needs of African organisations."

Naidoo adds that Logikal Consulting's focus on providing specialised solutions requires best-of-breed products, and that the addition of Verint Systems to the company's offering is part of a long-term strategy. "We are continually looking for ways to improve the breadth and depth of the solutions we offer our customers, and this partnership with Verint Systems forms part of that approach. We believe we are ideally placed to help expand the company's footprint, and are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship."

Logikal Consulting

Logikal Consulting is a rapidly growing systems integration company with presence in South Africa, India and across Africa. The company provides dynamic consulting, expert integration and outsourcing services for a global clientele covering six key industry verticals: financial services, banking and insurance, telecoms, manufacturing, retail, logistics and public sector.

Logikal Consulting's technology, skills and services enable organisations to achieve optimum operational efficiency, with one goal - converting strategies into measurable operational benefits by deploying the right technology. Combining cross-industry best practices with extensive solutions deployment experience, Logikal's consulting puts customers on the path from concept to realised revenue and business value.

Specialising in enterprise content management, enterprise resource planning and automated workflow solutions - all delivered through SLA-driven programmes and effective governance structures - the company offers general IT consulting, architecture design, programme management, systems integration, independent testing, managed services, production support and network operations.

In specialised areas, Logikal Consulting has a successful track record of delivering telecommunications solutions - Logikal TSI - which provide product bundling, multi-channel customer experience management, converged billing, customer portals and end-to-end solutions for operators. All of the company's solutions support green IT goals, having a positive impact on the bottom line.

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