Nclose offers CA Layer 7 API management and security suite

Johannesburg, 11 Jun 2014
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Nclose has announced a newly forged alliance with CA Southern Africa, the sole representative of CA Technologies in the southern African region.

CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) is a global leader creating software that fuels transformation for companies in the application economy, from planning to development to management and security.

In a multi-channel retail, banking and service environment with growing consumer demand for apps that cater to those markets, companies often trip themselves up in the rush to deliver what the customer wants.

"In the context of API management, tripping up often means inadvertently affording hackers access to crucial information about the structure and security that is built into back-end systems," says Martin Potgieter, Technical Director at Nclose.

APIs are the layers of software that allow external facing applications to access secure company and customer data. It's the layer that enables mobile banking apps to offer full service facilities to clients, enables online shopping, and drives a multitude of other interactive avenues that make customers feel they have a direct line to the heart of a company.

"With the very best intentions in mind, many companies unknowingly enter the world of APIs unaware of the inherent risks - or adapt older systems to meet the requirements of an app driven marketplace. Without the correct approach, or the correct protection, APIs can unwittingly give hackers a clear view of the internal structure of back-end systems, reveal authentication information, and even divulge customers' personal data to people with intentions that are less than noble," says Stephen Osler, Business Development Director at Nclose.

CA Technologies has developed solutions and services aimed at addressing API security and management - regardless of a company's level of maturity or existing network security.

Addressing the cost, time and effort that can go into re-engineering an existing, flawed API layer, CA Layer 7 offerings can be easily retrofitted to a current environment. Carefully selected products help provide the security and peace of mind to facilitate the development and expansion of API layers confidently and without fear of endangering back-end systems - or relationships with customers.

CA Layer 7 API management tools blend with Nclose's existing suite of products and solutions from other world-class brands. Streamlined installation helps customers get started quickly and not look back once the decision to protect the API layer has been taken, along with the other crucial aspects of a network.

Nclose is a partner of CA Southern Africa.


Nclose is an IT security specialist enterprise. It develops and supplies security solutions aimed at protecting its clients' IT resources from potential damage that can be incurred via the vast amount of threats present on the Internet and in the business place generally.

Through Nclose's partnerships with the world's leaders in security, it delivers cost-effective, efficient network security solutions that provide its customers with both legislative compliance and peace of mind.

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CA Southern Africa

CA Southern Africa is the leading provider of IT management solutions in sub-Saharan Africa. It is an IT management expert. CA Southern Africa provides solutions and services that cover the entire IT management life cycle encompassing all areas of IT and security, from distributed to mainframe, mobility and cloud.

Through the use of technology, CA Southern Africa assists its customers to transform the economics of IT by: controlling complexity; assuring the quality of IT services; reducing costs and risk; and providing information to make the right strategic decisions.

CA Southern Africa is the sole representative of CA Technologies in sub-Saharan Africa and is a member of the JSE listed EOH group of companies.

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