R100k challenge for gamers, coders

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NAG Magazine has partnered with Entelect Software to host a R100 000 coding challenge in which participants have to write an artificially intelligent program that has the ability to play against an opponent.

This year's competition sees entrants compete in the classic game of Pacman, with a twist. Players will face-off with an opponent in a Pacman-style maze with the goal being to get more points (consume more pills) than your opponent. Entrants will be divided into two separate pools based on their abilities, with each pool yielding grand-prize winners of the 2014 challenge.

The competition will then see entrants play-off at the Fire and Ice Hotel, Melrose Arch, in September, where the final four contestants in each pool will be unveiled. The grand finale will take place live on stage at rAge expo on 4 October 2014.

"This competition is for anyone who has a keen interest in software development and is willing to sink their teeth into this creative challenge. We want to see just what these innovative minds are capable of," says Entelect Software CEO Charles Pritchard.

This year, Entelect will also be opening up the opportunity for programmers and designers to build their own graphical user interfaces for the game and will be presenting a special Gooey Award at the rAge expo in October.

Entries for the competition close on 16 August and entrants will be notified of their pools by 1 September.

To find out more about the challenge click here.

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