Teradata Customer Interaction Manager takes to the cloud

Johannesburg, 26 Feb 2014
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Teradata has announced that Customer Interaction Manager 7, the latest version of its industry-leading campaign management solution for data-driven marketing, is available via the cloud globally.

"Teradata Customer Interaction Manager has established itself as one of the most comprehensive, integrated and agile tools for managing campaigns. This new version features many new capabilities and is available from anywhere, at any time, thanks to being in the cloud," says Hendrik Blignaut, Enterprise Intelligence Solutions Teradata executive at Bytes Universal Systems, the sole local distributor of Teradata's products in sub-Saharan Africa.

Customer Interaction Manager is a comprehensive solution used by marketing departments at many of the world's leading brands to analyse customer data, segment specific audiences, trigger "events" that lead to relevant, measureable real-time customer engagement, and choreograph multi-channel dialogue across online and/or offline channels.

Teradata Customer Interaction Manager 7 offers open access to data anywhere, on multiple servers, including Teradata, Oracle and now SQL Server, and from multiple data sources, including the Web and social media. This gives marketers access to valuable customer information. The new version has embedded predictive analytics to enable prediction of the future in addition to analysis of the past.

The new version is even easier to use with better data visualisation and mobile-enabled dashboards so that marketers aren't office-bound. One of the key benefits of this software is its broad integration. It acts as a central application hub that helps data-driven marketers derive more insights from their data in order to build closer relationships with customers - who are today more demanding and fickle than they've ever been.

Teradata Interaction Manager is already being used by many of the world's leading companies to improve the results from their marketing campaigns. Teradata clients are reporting increased customer profitability of 50%, increased campaign conversion rates of 20% and improved campaign results of 30%.

"Marketing effectiveness and return on investment are both key success drivers in today's markets," says Blignaut. "Teradata Customer Interaction Manager 7 takes both to a whole new level."

Bytes Universal Systems

Bytes Universal Systems (BUS), a division of Bytes Technology Group, provides business-critical solutions to clients throughout South Africa and Africa. BUS prides itself on its portfolio of specialised IT services, software and solutions and intellectual capital. It is the sole local distributor of Teradata, a global leader in analytic data platforms, marketing and analytic applications, and consulting services in sub-Saharan Africa.

A number of leading global technology players are represented by BUS, including Oracle, IBM, Wonderware, Tableau, ICCM, InStep, TrakSYS, OSISoft, OpenText, Detica NetReveal, HP and HP Autonomy.

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