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Pretoria, 28 Mar 2017
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Clearlake Capital Group (together with its affiliates, "Clearlake") today announced it has completed the acquisition of LANDESK, Shavlik, Appsense and Wavelink. In conjunction with the transaction close, LANDESK and HEAT Software announced the two organisations have united under a new corporate name: Ivanti.

With more than 1 600 employees in 23 countries and serving over 22 000 broadly diversified customers across all industries, Ivanti provides integrated solutions that help IT organisations balance rapidly-evolving user requirements with the need to secure critical assets and data. The combination of two leading companies bolsters Ivanti's robust product offerings and strengthens its position as a leading vendor capable of addressing the entire continuum of a customer's IT management needs.

"Today marks a pivotal moment for the company," said Ivanti CEO Steve Daly. "We are excited to have the deal finalised and to introduce ourselves to the world with the new Ivanti name. Our passion for customer success and our expertise in helping organisations create a more secure digital workplace sets us apart in the industry and creates a foundation for future growth."

The combination enhances Ivanti's unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions, increases its strength in the endpoint security market, and provides a rapidly growing SAAS service management platform. The combined company is well positioned to address IT's growing needs as they deal with increasingly complex end-user environments and transition services to the cloud.

Ivanti is where IT goes to get work done. You need to make sure that John - who hasn't worked for you since late 2014 - can't keep logging into your software. You must protect your organisation from security threats, reduce logon times, track your IT assets, keep the user experience clean, and deliver IT service to your users more quickly. You also need to make sure supply chain and warehouse teams are perfectly tuned.

From IT asset, patch, and systems management to IT service delivery and security, Ivanti is in the trenches with you. It helps you succeed at your job.

"Security is hard these days, coping with a dynamic threat landscape, digital transformation demands, and regulatory upheaval," said Duncan Brown, research director, European security practice, IDC. "We shouldn't try to make it harder by creating silos between security operations and IT operations. In all but the biggest or hyper-sensitive companies, it makes sense to run IT and security from the same console.

The merger of HEAT and LANDESK makes sense: both are leaders in IT Ops and both have integrated security functionality into their propositions. With minimal overlap in channel and geographic coverage, there are plenty of synergies to pursue."

With its expanded scale, breadth and resources, Ivanti is well-positioned to serve IT organisations with solutions to manage and secure end user environments. Ivanti's platform is ideal for the modern IT organisation, which increasingly assumes a greater role in security.

Customers can expect the same great products, the same great people, and the same laser focus on customer success.


Ivanti is IT evolved. By integrating and automating critical IT tasks, Ivanti is modernising IT and helping IT organisations successfully navigate digital workplace transformation. Ivanti is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has offices all over the world.

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