New model rules for TV white spaces

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The spectrum alliance hopes the new white spaces rules will help accelerate new deployments all over the world.
The spectrum alliance hopes the new white spaces rules will help accelerate new deployments all over the world.

Governments and regulators will follow new guidelines for TV White Space (TVWS) technology subsequent to the publication of new model rules by the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA).

The DSA, a global organisation advocating for laws and regulations for efficient and effective spectrum utilisation, says the new rules replace the original version published in 2014 and offer higher availability for dynamic spectrum devices and stronger protection for incumbent users.

The organisation says the rules will equip policymakers and regulators with the necessary tools to enable quick and efficient deployment of TVWS networks to help bridge the digital divide and support the Internet of things.

"We are very proud to be releasing the latest TVWS model rules, incorporating the experience of many DSA members who are leaders in TVWS technology and deployment," explained Kalpak Gude, president of the DSA.

"The Alliance has long been championing TVWS technology to connect those in underserved and rural locations, which will in turn help to bridge the digital divide."

Television white spaces refer to unused frequencies in the wireless spectrum between TV broadcasts. In SA, Google, Microsoft, the Research Network of SA, as well as the Wireless Access Providers Association, have in the past led a TV white spaces trial.

According to DSA, the new rules are designed to facilitate and encourage international regulatory harmonisation for TV white space technology, and to help countries where creating a bespoke regulatory environment for TVWS from scratch is difficult and time-intensive.

Adam Leach, director of emerging technology at Nominet, an Ofcom-approved white space database operator and member of the DSA, states: "We're delighted to publish the new set of model TVWS rules and hope they'll help to accelerate new deployments all over the world.

"TVWS has the potential to bring connectivity to people and places that have never had it before, and truly revolutionise their lives in the process."

To read the new DSA TV white space model rules, click here.

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