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Veeam co-founder talks executive changes

Veeam co-founder Ratmir Timashev continues in his existing role as director.
Veeam co-founder Ratmir Timashev continues in his existing role as director.

With the recent executive changes at Veeam Software, co-founder and director Ratmir Timashev will focus his attention on investments and pursuing mergers and acquisitions.

He clarified his immediate goals during an executive panel discussion on day one of the VeeamON conference in New Orleans.

Timashev's comments come on the back of the recent changes to Veeam's executive, which saw Peter McKay and Andrei Baronov promoted to their respective roles as co-CEOs.

Timashev, who has been heavily involved since the start of the business, said he plans to stick with Veeam because the company is his life.

"I'm not planning to go anywhere. We have to continue looking for new opportunities, so I'm going to be spending more time on mergers and acquisitions so that we can grow even faster, and basically focus on strategy as opposed to day-to-day sales and marketing activities.

"My focus will be on investments, strategy and mergers and acquisitions."

Timashev explained McKay was brought on board to leverage market opportunities that can further drive Veeam's growth.

He commented it had been a fantastic ride since McKay came on board.

"Peter took the company to the next level within 10 months...we are executing very well and we are very innovative. Peter immediately upgraded the team, culture and brought everybody together.

"We've got a great team, great workers and we focus on our alliance and channel partners. I think we've got great market opportunities and the best team with Peter leading our growth market strategy."

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