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CA Technologies introduces microservices solution to create, manage modern application architectures

Enhanced management, security and monitoring increases business agility for competitive advantage in one of the industry's leading API management portfolios.

Johannesburg, 26 Jun 2017
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CA Southern Africa has unveiled CA Technologies' new solutions and capabilities within its API Management portfolio to help developers, enterprise architects and digital leaders create and deploy microservices - and manage the APIs that connect and orchestrate microservices to build modern application architectures.

The latest innovations include:

* Expanded capabilities of CA Live API Creator to quickly, effectively and independently create, deploy and run microservices.
* Dockercontainer deployment options across many products within the API Management portfolio for end-to-end support in microservices architectures.
* Expanded API Management portfolio integrations to address management, security and advanced monitoring of APIs for modern architectures in any enterprise or cloud environment.

"Successful digital businesses require a modern application architecture to accelerate development, open new business opportunities and innovate faster," says Michael Brink, CA Southern Africa solution strategist. "CA provides one of the broadest portfolio of microservices and API management solutions - from design and development to deployment and management - supporting application agility and scale for competitive advantage."

New capabilities for microservices creation, management

The ability to create and manage microservices deployed using container-based technology is required in today's modern application architecture. CA supports Docker container-based deployment of CA Live API Creator and CA API Gateway for microservices creation, security and management. CA also has expanded its powerful, yet easy, point-and-click solution, CA Live API Creator, to quickly produce comprehensive microservices incorporating data, logic and robust APIs. In addition, the new CA Microgateway, currently available in beta, helps enforce local policies for microservices, such as service discovery, routing, last-mile security and rate limiting.

Beachbody, a leading provider of fitness, nutrition and weight-loss programmes, used CA's products and services to help transform its IT architecture. "We recently went through a three-year project to modernise a wide range of infrastructure and applications to give us the agility to meet rapidly changing market conditions," says Michael Lee, Technology vice-president at Beachbody. "We chose a cloud-first and API-driven approach to continue leveraging existing business-critical systems while developing the architecture to quickly create modern applications using microservices."

Expanded full life cycle API Management capabilities support modern application architectures

CA's newly architected CA API Developer Portal gives organisations the flexibility to manage APIs wherever and however they want - on-premises, hybrid or cloud - with the ability to switch among them seamlessly. The containerised, API-first architecture eases deployment and migration to the cloud, and simplifies management, policy configuration and integration with existing analytics and content management system investments.

New capabilities and integration between CA Mobile API Gateway and CA Advanced Authentication accelerate the development of mobile security while delivering risk-based security from the mobile app to the API. A new, unified mobile SDK helps developers easily integrate authentication requirements while maintaining a streamlined experience for end-users. In addition, CA APM integration with CA API Management provides visibility into API and app performance metrics with transaction tracing for precise triangulation and resolution of performance issues.

"Agility and time-to-market for new and compelling apps are essential to compete in the market. CA API Management has demonstrated it can help take ideas and turn them into viable solutions quickly," says Joe Farrell, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of BiTE Interactive, a mobile product studio. "For example, working with CA API Management we were able to complete the single sign-on feature for an app in just one sprint. When we built this feature without CA API Management for a large financial client, it required four sprints."

* Learn from the API Academy experts: The API Academy provides expert counsel on microservices and API strategy and design. The API Academy team has also contributed open source software to help organisations sketch and brainstorm ideas for microservices in a disposable fashion for faster iteration, innovation and inspiration.
* API Academy Book: Microservice Architecture: Aligning Principles, Practices, and Culture
* Find the right tools and resources for your next project, whether you are interested in microservices and APIs, secure and reliable mobile apps or want to add a whole new level of visibility with app analytics.

Join the API Academy, CA API and microservices technologists and CA customers for a virtual summit, Modernising Application Architectures with Microservices and APIs, on 11 July 2017, at 12pm ET to learn how to get started with, or advance, microservices initiatives within your organisation.

CA Southern Africa

CA Southern Africa is the leading provider of IT management and security solutions in sub-Saharan Africa.

CA Southern Africa enables customers to embark on the digital transformation journey necessary to seize the opportunities presented by the application economy. Today, software is at the heart of every business in every industry, and CA Southern Africa is assisting its customers - through the use of technology, to change the way we live, transact, communicate, across: mobile; private and public cloud; distributed and mainframe environments.

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