PaySpace introduces Orgchart - accurate, flexible and professional

PaySpace expands its offering to the HR and payroll market.

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PaySpace, leader in cloud-based HR and payroll solutions in over 37 African countries, is once again leading the charge with the announcement of PaySpace OrgChart - a revolutionary tool to help clients visualise their workforce structure/s, available from February 2016.

Boasting an intuitive and user-friendly interface, PaySpace OrgChart allows users to view and navigate their entire workforce structure through a browser environment, without the need for unnecessary downloads or third-party software installations.

Using an organisation's workforce data, PaySpace OrgChart can automatically create organisational structure charts pertinent to the required HR need. By being able to neatly print and export chart data to a number of popular formats, such as PDF and PPT and using the detailed information from PaySpace, the system is able to create intelligent and searchable solutions that help visualise an entire organisation's workforce.

"We value our clients' feedback, and have identified a real business need to release a product that can automatically construct multiple detailed organograms based on workforce data," says Warren van Wyk, Director of PaySpace. "PaySpace's OrgChart solution transforms this once laborious and time-consuming exercise by providing a comprehensive and effective charting system that helps visualise the composition of an organisation's workforce by including headcounts, vacancies, diversity and age metrics."

Clients only pay for users that have design rights, although the system offers an unlimited amount of free, read-only facilities compared to industry competitors, making this solution the most cost-effective option on the market. With formal PaySpace OrgChart training, including advanced guidance on formatting and layout, users will no longer be plagued with mistakes and inconsistencies as a result of human error.

For more information on PaySpace OrgChart or more detail on the PaySpace solution, visit PaySpace or contact +27 (0) 87 20 2500.


PaySpace is a true cloud-based HR and payroll solution established in 2000. It is the leader in online payroll and HR solutions across Africa and abroad. With an integrated, real-time, offering which unifies payroll and human capital management (HCM) across 37 African countries, PaySpace offers embedded analytics, manager and employee self-service, therefore enabling businesses of all sizes to run a fully tax and legislative compliant, cloud-based people management solution.

PaySpace has been awarded the Frost and Sullivan 2015 South Africa award for Product Leadership of the Year for Enterprise Resource Planning Systems.

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