Innovent, Xpertek expanding into new markets

Johannesburg, 30 Jul 2012
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Unlisted rental and asset management solutions company, Innovent, is expanding globally and opening operations in Zimbabwe, Zambia and the United Kingdom. Since 2009, Xpertek's Acquire solution has provided the entire administrative platform, which runs Innovent's business.

Xpertek's technology provides a complete solution for asset rentals from inception of the rental to collection, end of term, whether it be a re-rental, returns and refurbishments or short-term rentals. Acquire Process Manager manages the entire life cycle of the assets held by Innovent and its clients.

Innovent's clients are drawn from the medical sector, parastatals, retailers, SMEs and universities, and since 2003, Innovent's "Pay-for-Use" model has provided them with the benefit of leasing equipment rather than expending capital on expensive technological equipment. This shows on their bottom line and Innovent provides a guaranteed buy-back of the old assets with this residual lowering the effective interest rate.

Innovent's associate company, Qrent Zimbabwe, which is involved in short and long-term rentals, opened a year ago and is now breaking even. Because demand is expected to soar in the coming years, Xpertek has implemented a simplified, streamlined version of the Acquire solution used by Innovent in South Africa at the Zimbabwe site.

Innovent's Information Systems Manager, David Buck, said: "We live in a world that presents daily challenges and one of those is adapting how we do business in order to suit the market we're playing in. It's dependent on the demands of the market we're serving and adapting our systems to be aligned with the level of service we provide to our clients."

Xpertek's Acquire solution is extremely versatile, and to suit the smaller teams Innovent will employ in Zimbabwe and the UK, the process flow of the solution will be adjusted to ensure the same tasks are performed in a more streamlined manner.

Innovent sees opportunities for growth in emerging African markets and Europe using Zimbabwe, Zambia and the UK, as gateways to those continents. David Buck commented: "In Zimbabwe, we have already learnt invaluable lessons that will prove to be crucial in our quest to succeed in Africa and Europe... some markets are more accepting than others. After getting it right, then we'll strive to excel!"

As the company's technology partner, Xpertek is excited and enthusiastic for the challenges ahead. Innovent expects to increase its turnover this year and also plans to venture into the medical equipment industry.

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