Tracer Mobile Workforce to focus on digitised workflow for dispersed teams

Electronic forms optimise field agents' productivity and improve customer experience.

Johannesburg, 15 Jul 2013
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Tracer Mobile Workforce has found a niche by providing field technicians, agents, sales reps, service staff and other on-the-road workers with tools to radically improve their ability to do their job.

And the feedback from management supports this: improved productivity, optimised workflow, increased responsiveness, real-time data to support business decisions, electronic document management that's easy to track, cost savings and a more positive brand and reputation experience.

Global problem

It's a global problem that technical and service-based companies have. Workflows are still largely dependent on paper-based systems that are costly to maintain and ineffectual in their ability to respond to the needs of the customers and the efficiency needs of service agents.

Document management and version control is a mammoth undertaking, not to mention the process to centralise management thereof.

And customers are far more attuned to the need for immediate service, resolution of issues or delivery of goods and services. The technology is available, mobile and smartphones are pervasive, networks provide coverage and digital signatures are recognised as legitimate, so why the lag in adoption?

E-forms at no extra cost

Customers are using TracerMW's mobile-only technology to fully automate the field agent process. "Traditional forms are turning digital; in fact, our commitment is to turn all your forms into a digital format at no additional cost. Whether your need is the collection of field data, job cards, service reports, inspection reports, sales information or technical reports, any document can be replicated and automated. Fax machines, scanners and even e-mail are obsolete," comments Cobus van Graan, TracerMW CEO.

"The added benefit of this digital process is that we offer a cloud-based solution so changes or updates are made to forms on a central database, uploaded and become available immediately to be used."

Call centre to field agent to happy customer 1-2-3

A call centre receives a call from a customer to lodge a call-out service call from a field agent. The call centre agent creates the job card while the customer is on the phone, and by the end of the call, the service agent in the field has already received an SMS to notify him of the call-out requirements.

Service agents are supplied with all the correct information, they know the nature of the problem and can arrive prepared with the right equipment and spares. Once the job is completed, the service report is completed on the mobile phone, the customer signs (in a digital format) and the report is uploaded back into the system. The field agent moves onto servicing the next customer. No paper trails, no backwards and forwards with scheduling appointments with the customer to get the issue resolved. Simply... exceeded expectations, happy customers and a positive brand experience.

Communicate, collaborate

Companies are using TracerMW for training and sharing critical company information with their staff while they're on the job. There's no longer a need for advance planning of training days and conferences that take them off the job and out of the office. Information is disseminated in real-time and comments can be received back to the company, using the social business tool that forms part of the modularised package.

The opportunities are endless, as companies like MTronics, Siemens, Value Logistics and Santam are discovering.

Why TracerMW?

This truly mobile solution is built in Africa and for Africa. It doesn't require a smartphone and it can function even in the most remote areas where GPRS technology is the only form of connection. It has fully functional document management and storage and the ability to track every task in the system with detailed reporting as required.

And with data housed in the cloud and updated in real-time, you are assured of data security and privacy at all times in the event of devices being lost or stolen or if staff leave the company. There is no additional hardware required, it can integrate with your existing systems and is available based on modules of functionality priced for the local market.

"TracerMW is connecting teams and enabling processes in a way that's very powerful for any business in South Africa, pan-Africa and multinational," concludes Van Graan.

Tracer Mobile Workforce

Tracer Mobile Workforce provides technology solutions that optimise the productivity, management and information flow between a company and its distributed workforce. Available directly and through resellers, Tracer Mobile Workforce's activity modules are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing technology platforms and operate on multiple mobile and desktop technology platforms. For more information, please visit

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