Dell Endpoint Security Suite prevents WannaCry

Dynamic mathematical models and artificial intelligence are the new antidotes against malware.

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Major companies, healthcare organisations and government agencies are facing a wave of cyber attacks involving ransomware called WannaCrypt0r, which takes control of computers and denies access until a ransom is paid.

"With almost 1 million new malware detected every single day, traditional signature-based anti-virus software solutions are just overwhelmed and are blocking less than 50% of advanced threats at any given time," says Sean Glansbeek, CEO of Private Protocol.

Keeping software and operating systems up to date, avoiding dangerous Web locations, and educating users about phishing e-mails, infected banners, and spam e-mails are all necessary measures to fight against advanced threats like Ransomware. But, above all, prevention is key. Dell's revolutionary approach addresses all these attack vectors, known and unknown, to stop Ransomware before it can run.

Dynamical mathematical models and artificial intelligence are the new antidotes against malware.

Dell Endpoint Security Suite predicts and prevents the WannaCry strain of ransomware from even executing on Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints, and even if the system is offline. Importantly, this means no user intervention is required. We have even tested WannaCry with our mathematical model from 2015, and the results are the same.

Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise, powered by Cylance, prevents all known samples of the WannaCry ransomware. All Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise customers are safe from the currently known variants of the WannaCry attack.

While Microsoft has issued the patch to address the current vulnerability, several ransomware attacks such as Jigsaw and Locky in 2016, and now WannaCry, highlight the continued susceptibility of endpoints.


* Download the Microsoft patch and keep operating systems up to date.
* Attend Dell Data Security Webinars to learn more about advanced threat prevention, detection and response with Dell Data Security experts and technologists.

Our threat researchers continue to investigate new samples of this ransomware as they arrive, to ensure Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise can fully block all new variants.

To view a Web cast on Dell Endpoint Security Solution, please visit the link below.

Advanced threat protection: with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that prevents malware from executing and before it can do any damage. The solution is lightweight and is targeted at businesses that require an effective advanced threat prevention solution. It is easy to set up for businesses that do not have a dedicated IT department. Leveraging algorithmic models and DNA markers, it is easy to deploy, and can be centrally managed via cloud-based console, while offering subscription-based pricing. This solution stops malicious executables as well as malicious active scripts and PowerShell attacks.


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