Connolly Bove selects Relativity

Johannesburg, 20 Jul 2012
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Connolly Bove selects Relativity

kCura, developer of the e-discovery software Relativity, has announced that Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz has purchased a licence to bring Relativity in-house, Virtual Strategy Magazine reports.

Relativity's complete set of text analytics capabilities allows Connolly Bove to speed up review through advanced search and the organisation of documents by similarity.

According to Mesh Press, Relativity's computer-assisted review workflow enables Connolly Bove's review teams to train the software based on their expertise and magnify their efforts.

“Our clients require a solution that can reduce the time and cost associated with document review,” said Greg Nequist, director of information technology and litigation support for Connolly Bove.

Connolly Bove can manage international and multi-jurisdictional cases by developing flexible workflows and making use of Relativity's production and foreign language support, GlobeNewswire states.

"We are excited that Connolly Bove chose Relativity, and that they are planning to take advantage of Relativity Assisted Review and all of our text analytics features," said Andrew Sieja, president and CEO of kCura.

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