Mthatha Shopping Mall to implement CCTV system

CCTV fibre and copper cable infrastructure

Mthatha, Eastern Cape, 29 May 2017
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Mthatha Shopping Mall is a 60 000 square metre regional shopping space that requires a CCTV camera surveillance system to be installed throughout the complex. The objective is to have full coverage of all passageways and retail areas, which has to be recorded onto storage drives.

A separate ICT network infrastructure needs to be designed and implemented as part of the CCTV surveillance system.

The CCTV project's first milestone was to install the IT backbone throughout the premises. The installation comprised 15km of CAT6 cable and 10km single mode fibre-optic cable.

The security control room was also equipped with multiple screens, workstations and head end equipment, ie, recording and network switching. The site had various local field cabinets housing the network switches as well as a backup UPS, which connected the CCTV cameras within a certain area.

A fibre backbone also included redundancy in the way it was designed. Due to the nature of the shopping centre, all cables were hidden to ensure it didn't affect the aesthetics of the environment.

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