Cloud evolves to give business value

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There's too much hype around cloud computing; factually, it has been around for a while, and organisations need to start using it more meaningfully.

This is according to Dave Ives, GM for the Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management unit at iSPartners.

Unless organisations are taking cloud to the next level by getting 'rich' data, such as geo-demographic data, then all the promises made by cloud services are readily available in basic software, he says.

There is too much focus in business intelligence (BI) on 'cool tools', Ives says, but they have no value if the organisation can't use the information derived from these tools.

“The devil is in the detail,” he says. Executives want information that can be translated into business value; they want insight - graphs are great, but they are too high-level to provide any real value, he emphasises.

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Product innovation and rich data are what should drive BI, not funky dashboards, he notes.

Ultimately, BI is about solving a problem, Ives says, tools won't do this; but meaningful data will help organisations get there.

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