PineApp takes war to botnets

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Network security solution provider, PineApp has released a solution that it says is able to scan and block up to 99% of all unwanted or malicious outbound e-mail traffic.

The company says the solution, the PineApp Outbound Spam Guard (OSG), functions as a transparent proxy that communicates to Internet service providers (ISPs), in real-time and with granular level statistics, details of the IP addresses within their networks that are infected and being controlled by botnets.

According to PineApp, ISPs worldwide are facing a serious challenge from malicious, organised networks of computers or botnets.

Botnets operate within a network, using a service provider's infrastructure to distribute massive quantities of spam, the vendor says. They are responsible for the distribution of up to 90% of the world's spam, and strike at a service provider's core business assets - IP addresses, bandwidth and service reputation, it adds.

Despite ongoing closures of botnets worldwide, PineApp explains, spam continues to flow at an ever-increasing rate throughout the world. This criminal activity is easily transportable, and the potential profits mean botnets will continue to be a significant reality in the world of organised crime.

The vendor believes that as global broadband penetration rates increase and mobile/smartphone technologies become more accessible, ISPs and telcos face the increasingly complex challenge of providing reliable, efficient Internet services.

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