eBook: From paper to digital

Johannesburg, 18 Mar 2019
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From paper to digital.
From paper to digital.

It may go without saying that digital transformation has impacted nearly every business, ranging from small retail establishments to global technology powerhouses. Your clients, partners, and stakeholders are no longer satisfied with the status quo - they expect a fundamental evolution in how they interact with your business. Companies that don't respond with appropriate digital experiences can see their market share quickly erode to nimbler, more responsive, competition. It doesn't stop there. These evolved, externally facing, processes impact back-office ways of conducting business and have the potential to completely upend every facet of your organisation.

Let's face it, most businesses out there may have aspirations of reaching that digital nirvana, but are a bit lost as to how to get there. Many of these same businesses have been built on technologies that are at least a decade old and often reliant on traditional paper-based forms and processes. Moving from a paper-powered business to one that is adept at navigating this rapidly changing environment in which we all live may seem like a massive undertaking, but it can be done.

By leveraging the right processes, tools and best practices, even the most traditional workplace can thrive. In this eBook, we'll briefly review the many challenges associated with running a business heavily reliant on paper, uncover the benefits of shifting to more modern and efficient technologies, and finally, explore a framework designed to help you successfully migrate.

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