Digital Transformation at Cisco Connect SSA 2019

Cisco plans to talk data centre innovation and intent-based networking at the 2019 event, being held at Sun City in South Africa from 19 to 21 May.

Johannesburg, 06 Feb 2019
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Intent-based networking for IOT.
Intent-based networking for IOT.

At the flagship sub-Saharan Africa event, Cisco will be introducing industry specialists from sub-Saharan Africa as well as small and medium-sized businesses to a range of innovations across networking, hyper-convergence, security and automation.

Cisco in sub-Saharan Africa is delivering on its new data centre vision in three ways:

1. The expansion of ACI into the cloud, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure environments. Read the blog.

2. The extension of HyperFlex into branch offices and remote locations to power applications at the edge. Read the blog.

3. Enhancements to CloudCenter to help customers manage the life cycle of applications across multiple cloud environments. Link to blog.

This is an offering of a radically simpler way for customers to buy and manage the technology across the entire data centre architecture, via a single enterprise agreement.

Another theme that will be unpacked at Cisco Connect SSA 2019 is extending intent-based networking, which represents a fundamental shift in the way networks are built and managed.

Intent-based networking delivers three major benefits for customers:

1. Scale: Cisco has simplified IOT deployment. IT teams can now leverage their expertise with familiar tools like Cisco DNA Center to scale in an automated, simplified way. Complex deployments that previously took months can now be completed in hours or even minutes.

2. Flexibility: In many cases, the cost and effort of replacing IOT infrastructure can be prohibitive. A modular design means Cisco platforms are flexible and future-proofed. So, customers can easily upgrade to new technologies, like 5G, without replacing the networking infrastructure. The Cisco Industrial Routers are the industry's first and only 5G-ready IPv6 deployable industrial routers.

3. Security: Cisco believes in a multi-layered security approach, where security is built into every layer of the IOT stack, from the networking hardware to the operating software and the edge computing apps. With the breadth of its security portfolio, Cisco is uniquely positioned to provide a fully integrated security solution without gaps in coverage.

Interested delegates are encouraged to register at, where they will be able to find additional information around the agenda, speakers and sponsors.

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