SVI Engineering debuts armoured vehicles app

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Manufacturer of armoured products, SVI Engineering, has introduced what it claims is SA’s first vehicle armouring mobile app, dubbed SVI Mobile.

SVI was formed in 2004 as a mechanical engineering firm specialising in armoured vehicles. The South African-based company builds discreet bullet-resistant and impenetrable barrier features in vehicles.

It also offers other safety systems, such as anti-lock brake systems, airbags and crumple zones – technology that blends into the background when not in use but is able to save lives when called upon.

The BEE level two firm targets the continent’s citizens, corporates, security, mining and governmental markets.

The new SVI app aims to provide users interested in armoured vehicles all the information needed in an easy-to-use package and the ability to ask for a quote

Information on the maintenance requirements on their SVI armoured vehicle is also available. Users take a picture of the vehicle part that requires maintenance and upload it via the app, notes the company.

The free app is available from both the Apple and Android stores.

“The app is not just able to convey information, but it becomes an important tool for our customers to enhance the experience of owning an armoured vehicle,” says Benny Jiyane, chairman of SVI Engineering.

Short-cut buttons on the app link to SVI content like videos, armouring advice and access to emergency contact numbers.

The full SVI website is also available through the app if more detailed information on a certain product is required.

A few years ago, only armoured government forces and other security agencies utilised bulletproof vehicles. However, bulletproof vehicles are now proving to be a necessity in countries with high crime rates.

According to GM Insights, the vehicle armour market was valued at $6.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% between 2020 and 2026.

The rising government spending on the defence sector to strengthen armament power will propel industry growth, it says.

The rising military expenditure, global terrorism and growing concerns associated with small ballistic arms will generate the need for efficient armoured vehicles.

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