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.ZADNA announces small fee increase for domain names

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The .ZA Domain Name Authority (.ZADNA) has announced it will charge R10 more for domains from next year.

It says it embarked on the process to review the wholesale extensible provisioning protocol (EPP) fee and the legacy system fee by soliciting views and inputs from stakeholders through a public consultative process.

EPP is a new way of registering and maintaining domain names.

The authority says it has taken into consideration all submissions received and proposals on the matter.

It says based on the submissions received and the analysis performed, the .ZADNA board at its meeting on 28 August resolved to “increase the EPP wholesale fee for,, and domain names by R10, effective 1 April 2021”.

It also increased the legacy system fee by R10, effective 1 January 2021. “Moreover, in consultation with key stakeholders, an end date to terminate the legacy system will be determined and announced upon reaching a decision.”

The authority states the impact assessment conducted showed the “potential adverse effects that retaining or decreasing the fee might have on the current demand and sustenance of the .ZA domain namespace”.

.ZADNA is an entity of the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies that manages and regulates the .za namespace, including domains like,, and

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