Technology and your business

Unlocking the power of the right IT partnership.

Johannesburg, 20 May 2022
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Today, the way we work and interact with the world is happening increasingly through connected applications and devices, and the pace of innovation is accelerating this shift towards a digital future. For businesses that need to deliver products and services to modern customers, leveraging technology is no longer simply advantageous – it has become a business imperative. The truth is, and you may have already encountered this key insight, technology on its own doesn’t allow businesses to grow, innovate or solve complex problems.

The innovative potential of technology is, in fact, only unlocked when it empowers the people behind the business. Technology should make the lives of employees easier, not more complicated, and provide everything needed to deliver better work, faster and more affordably.

Digital transformation presents many opportunities, but it also presents challenges that need to be overcome to drive any size business towards success. Addressing these challenges requires a good understanding of the unique requirements of your specific business, and also the ability to choose the right technology, which then needs to be implemented and managed correctly. Not every business owner has the time or expertise needed to achieve this golden egg scenario, which is why it is crucial that they have support from an industry-leading technology partner to guide them on their journey.

The modern business environment

The modern workspace has modern requirements, and employees using technology that’s outdated or not fit for purpose often means reduced business performance and increased cost. And just when you think you may have a handle on your company’s IT requirements, the world shifts and you need to think about which laptops will meet your workforce’s work-from-home requirements or work-from-anywhere requirements. With all the innovation happening in the world of tech, organisations know they need to use it to their advantage to improve employee productivity, transform business processes and deliver differentiated experiences for customers, but they’re not always sure how.

Even superheroes need to be given the right tools to do their jobs effectively, so procuring the right laptops or desktop computers is a good place to start. These devices need to come with all the essential work features (such as a long battery life, high-performance hardware and built-in security) adapted for each employee’s role. At the same time, it is important to consider the total cost of ownership and the device’s life cycle. Businesses need devices that meet both the requirements of their individual users as well as their budgets. Which small business CEO has time to think about uptime versus upfront costs, support services and extended warranties?

With the hybrid work environment being the new normal, remote employees working on more vulnerable home networks are also at greater risk of cyber attacks. Having enterprise-grade security should therefore remain a first consideration for every business, and it needs to permeate through every digital layer of the business – from networks and data centres to smartphones, laptops and printers.

The power of partnerships

Instead of trying to run a business and become an IT expert on the go, business owners are encouraged to pursue strategic partnerships with industry leaders to tap into the full potential of today’s innovative technologies and accelerate their digital journey.

A good technology partner will understand your unique business requirements and tailor the best solutions for you. This partnership should also provide access to the guidance and expertise needed to implement and maintain these solutions in the long run. A customised solution and a true partner that’s invested in your long-term success should be a given, not a luxury.

Businesses concerned about their environmental impact can also have peace of mind by selecting a partner that’s dedicated to driving sustainability. And with consumers increasingly choosing to spend money with sustainable brands, this is an issue that affects all industries. Many leading organisations are joining the global movement towards a circular and net zero carbon economy, choosing to use technologies that not only serve their operations but also the environment and larger society.

A trusted technology advisor

Ultimately, small and medium businesses may think they can’t afford to have an IT strategy, but the lack of a clear technology vision can lead to much more costly missed opportunities. The good news is that you don’t have to come up with this strategy alone. You need someone to understand your business needs and match you with the right tech partner. If you’re looking for a partner to help your business with its technological journey and provide you with technologies that are smarter, more secure and sustainable, schedule a one-on-one consultation with us today: Take care of your business technology – Tarsus Distribution 

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