Africa expansion on Inspired Testing’s 2020 radar

Recognising vibrant opportunities for growth in the continent.

Johannesburg, 13 Feb 2020
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Nadine du Toit, Inspired Testing’s Executive Head: Africa
Nadine du Toit, Inspired Testing’s Executive Head: Africa

Software testing firm Inspired Testing is looking to expand its footprint across multiple countries and industries in Africa, in a strategic move that will harness the strength of its understanding of local markets to ultimately provide technologies with benefits for local consumers.

The company’s Africa focus is supported by its recently launched Trusted Partnership Programme, which adds additional layers of skill and expertise to its software testing proposition. The programme will see the business focus heavily on broadening its solutions, expanding its industry knowledge, driving existing relationships with current brands and giving clients access to experts in specific industries.

“With our extensive knowledge of the Africa market, which we convert into valuable operational delivery through dedicated teams on the ground in multiple countries, we have the capacity and infrastructure to deliver technologies that add value to local consumers. Additionally, we work in cooperation and partnership with local partners and clients. We are also committed to growing local communities through skills development and training programmes,” says Candice Coetzee, Head Strategic and Specialised Services, Inspired Testing.

Inspired Testing’s Trusted Partnership Programme takes a four-level approach, comprising Digital Transformation; Tools and Technology; Direct Markets; and Skills Development & Resourcing. The teams work with governments and businesses on every step of their digital journey, which includes quality assurance and testing of services and solutions before release to market.

“We offer a powerful combination within these four layers through the expertise of Inspired Testing and our Trusted Partnership Programme, to maximise our clients’ potential in an array of industries and extended countries,” says Nadine du Toit, Inspired Testing’s Executive Head: Africa. “Our Partnership Programme expands our service stack and strengthens our core to service business across Africa. Our depth of support services, skills and expertise spans across industries such as fintech, retail, healthcare and telecoms. Local upskilling, training programmes that include e-learning options, building local vocational skills, growing talent from within and harnessing the power of inclusion – especially women’s advancement – demonstrate our commitment to investing in Africa for Africa.”

Inspired Testing’s business capacity also extends to business intelligence, providing insights into the data to support wider business decisions.

Inspired Testing brings a potent blend of South African roots and global experience to the Africa table, with a strong focus on emerging technologies that have the potential to change the status quo in African markets.

With specialised experience in sub-Saharan Africa, including Botswana, Mauritius, Seychelles, Mozambique, Malawi and Namibia, Inspired Testing is taking a long-term view to create innovative products and services that align with Africa’s unmet needs, working with business and governments to unleash Africa’s talent while responding to a changing competitive environment. Mobile business is particularly notable. Sub-Saharan Africa has around 444 mobile subscribers and an estimated 300 million new subscribers are expected to access the mobile Internet in the next seven years (

According to a report from Nielsen Global Markets, a deep foundation of potential exists in Africa, with large untapped populations and markets, growing urbanisation, increased usage of technology and multiple devices, rising prosperity and expanding consuming classes showing opportunity for success – as long as sensitivity and relevance to the local context have been factored into the value chain (

“There are an estimated 5.6 million SMEs in sub-Saharan Africa, with the region’s GDP among the fastest growing in the world,” says Du Toit. Digital technology and the demand for services and infrastructure will drive growth in many of the 54 sub-Saharan markets.

Inspired Testing is ISO27001 certified, with competencies to provide full security data protection, supporting IT governance, risk and compliance.

Interested? Contact or Nadine du Toit, Executive Head: Africa on and join the Inspired Testing revolution.

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