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Fortinet, Interpol sign threat information sharing agreement

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The attack surface is widening.
The attack surface is widening.

Cyber security solutions company Fortinet has formalised its threat sharing with the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol), an international entity that facilitates international police cooperation.

According to Fortinet, the goal of the agreement is to proactively combat cyber crime and threats to privacy globally through the sharing of threat information generated by Fortinet FortiGuard Labs global threat research team.

Silvino Schlickmann Jr, acting executive director, Interpol Global Complex for Innovation, says: "Tackling cyber crime cannot be resolved unilaterally by law enforcement alone, but is a joint responsibility which requires trusted relationships with the private sector."

This new agreement will ensure that law enforcement has access to the most comprehensive threat intelligence necessary to take effective action against cyber crime, he adds.


Fortinet will be involved in operational briefings at Interpol and vice versa. A threat intelligence expert from Fortinet will be assigned to collaborate with experts at the Interpol Global Complex for Innovation, helping provide a clearer understanding of the current threat landscape, which in turn will help the Interpol team and law enforcement use the information to prevent risks to security and privacy.

Fortinet has played an active role within an expert working group inside Interpol for over two years, assisting with cyber threat intelligence that has helped uncover and identify many cyber crime operations.

Last year, the security company was one of several private sector organisations that provided support to an operation headed up by Interpol that targeted cyber crime across the ASEAN region, and led to the identification of nearly 9 000 command-and-control servers, as well as hundreds of compromised Web sites, including government portals.

In addition, Fortinet has also helped uncover a group of online criminals who were responsible for thousands of online scams totalling more than $60 million and involving hundreds of victims worldwide.

Evolving threats

Derek Manky, global security strategist at Fortinet, says businesses are struggling with evolving threats, a widening attack surface, and an increasing shortage of security skills.

"Law enforcement, in particular, can also be hampered by the fact that cyber crime often crosses political and jurisdictional boundaries.

"Actionable threat intelligence with global visibility is the best way to move from being reactive to proactive in a world where cybercrime has no borders.

"No single organisation has a complete view into the security landscape, which is why threat information sharing and collaboration between public and private organisations is critical."

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