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Johannesburg, 06 Jan 2021
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How Xerox ConnectKey Technology transforms the printer into a smart workplace assistant.

The workplace environment is continuously progressing. Technologies and processes that were commonplace five or 10 years ago are considered obsolete and outdated today. In addition to evolving technologies, more millennials are entering the workforce. Millennials are the first generation of digital natives. They’re accustomed to being mobile, connected and always on. They expect all processes to be streamlined and seamless. If businesses want to stay competitive, they must embrace new, cutting-edge technologies.

Xerox ConnectKey Technology is our answer to the ever-changing office environment. It’s today’s smart workplace assistant that doesn’t just copy, scan, fax or print, but also translates, shares and creates electronic documents with just a few easy taps on the screen. ConnectKey Technology does all this with cloud connectivity. Say goodbye to scattered information, disjointed processes, isolated peripherals and unstructured support.

ConnectKey Technology transforms and adapts to the office and anywhere employees work, giving them the freedom to be more productive and solve new business challenges as they arise. 

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