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Skybox Security partners with Wipro to provide greater IT-OT network visibility

The Skybox-Wipro partnership will enable organisations to improve and unify security management in convergent, hybrid IT-OT networks.

San Jose, Calif., 17 Mar 2020
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Skybox Security, a global leader in cyber security management, today announced a new partnership with Wipro (NYSE: WIT, BSE: 507685, NSE: WIPRO), a leading global IT, consulting and business process services company, to allow organisations to better protect their hybrid IT-OT networks and ensure the security of their core infrastructure.

“Securing operational technology (OT) has always been problematic; this is technology that runs on outdated systems, has unsecured connections and is often impossible to patch,” said Skybox Security’s VP of Global Channels, GSIs and Strategic Alliances, Uri Levy.

“These problems are worsening as legacy OT devices are becoming unavoidably linked with more Internet-connected technology and applications. The only way to tackle the overarching issues with OT security is by developing unified strategies and solutions. That’s why we have existing integrations with CyberX, SCADAFence Claroty, Indegy and ForeScout,. And it’s a big driver behind our new relationship with Wipro: now, we can provide IT-OT security that is agnostic to any customer deployment.”

The service-led integration will be welcomed by large organisations with complex, sprawling and fragmented IT-OT networks. Working together, Skybox and Wipro are delivering a solution that easily integrates with both IT and OT security ecosystems.

“Where Skybox offers unrivalled, context-rich visibility across the entire security estate, Wipro will facilitate strategies that will break down internal organisational challenges that restrict effective communication and collaboration across different teams, technologies, processes and objectives,” said Mark Brown, Partner and Global Practice Head of OT & IOT Security, Wipro. “Organisations with hybrid IT-OT networks know that they’re living on a knife-edge. This partnership will enable them to understand exactly how their IT and OT networks are connected, to passively discover vulnerabilities within traditionally undocumented OT networks and find alternatives to patching when it isn’t an option.”

The partnership will deliver complete network visibility of the IT-OT attack surface that will allow organisations to avoid misconfigurations, understand vulnerability exposure, identify access policy violations, tackle weak security controls and improve change management capabilities – all of which will help organisations address the Industry 4.0 security challenge.

Working with an interactive, visual model of the complete IT-OT attack surface, organisations will be able to analyse paths between corporate and production networks. In practice, this enables security teams to identify risky connectivity within IT networks, OT networks and across both; verify policies are being followed throughout the organisation; and evaluate potential threats.

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