Ovex now has a 100% risk-free way for you to make extra income

Johannesburg, 02 Jul 2021
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Up to now, earning staggering amounts of money in crypto-currency has only been possible for people with large bank accounts. Unless you bought Bitcoin back in 2012, choosing Bitcoin as a strategy to make extra income meant you would need a serious amount of dough to get into the market. (One Bitcoin is currently valued at nearly $35 000.)

But Ovex’s ingenious method of running its arbitrage services has opened the possibility of making extra income to everyone: Firstly, the arbitrage system itself consistently brings in ROI for investors. And, secondly, it now has a high-paying referral programme for anyone who brings the company new business.

Sophisticated arbitrage system helps Ovex customers regularly earn extra money

By teaming up with TrueUSD (TUSD), which is a stablecoin backed entirely by the US dollar, Ovex has completely done away with the risk of wild hour-to-hour fluctuations during arbitrage transactions. TrueUSD can be “shipped anywhere in the world within minutes”, unlike Bitcoin which can take up to an hour, or fiat currencies which can take several hours to be moved.

And it gets better. Ovex can leverage its offshore exchange in the UK to offer instantaneous arbitrage transactions. In this way, it allows users to lock in profits at the start of the transaction instead of at the end.

Its automated arbitrage system promises to deliver South Africans as much as 5% ROI per week. And it goes the extra mile by also assisting clients in applying for any necessary Foreign Investment Allowance (FIA), swallowing up the costs of the application itself.

Find out more about Ovex’s Arbitrage service here.

The system is so good that now it's helping everyone make extra income through referrals

In countries with strong exchange controls, arbitrage opportunities are inevitable. But the combination of factors that Ovex has put together has resulted in an incredibly reliable system. It has so much faith in that system’s ability to turn a profit that it is now giving money away to people who refer clients to Ovex.

The Ovex arbitrage system has been developed entirely with South Africans in mind. It has also been developed with the idea that profits from crypto-currency should be available to everybody, not only those with hundreds of thousands of rands to invest.

The Ovex Referral Programme is an excellent way to earn extra money with crypto-currency — whether you have any crypto in your wallet or not.

For the first 10 people referred to Ovex, who sign an arbitrage service agreement, you will earn R1 000 for each referral. For the next 10, you earn R2 000. And so it goes until, eventually, Ovex is giving away as much as R5 000 per referral with no cap on the number of referrals.

“At this stage, it just made sense to get a referral programme going,” said Ovex CEO and Founder Jonathan Ovadia. “We have everything in place to turn a profit for our clients. Our automated arbitrage system is tried and tested. It works. There is no net loss to us to give premiums out to those who help us get in new clients.”

To find out more on Ovex’s new referral programme, click here.

(Photo by Dmitry Demidko on Unsplash.)

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