How working with Accelerit can help grow your business with a B-BBEE level one rating

Johannesburg, 16 Aug 2019
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Mandla Ngcobo, Managing Director at Accelerit Technologies
Mandla Ngcobo, Managing Director at Accelerit Technologies

Accelerit Technologies is proud to announce it is a 100% black-owned company that is disrupting and pioneering a change in the ITC industry. Being a level one B-BBEE company certainly deepens its transformational role in South Africa. It is very exciting to recognise and appreciate that its B-BBEE rating also increases the competitiveness of its clients and associates in South Africa.

As an organisation that encourages and values socioeconomic transformation within the ITC industry, Accelerit Technologies specialises in transforming the careers of its aspirants and the businesses of its clients

By partnering up with Accelerit Technologies, we offer key advantages to everyone in our supply chain, both commercially as well as increasing their own B-BBEE scores.

The key advantages are:

  • Businesses that procure only from level one suppliers (Accelerit Technologies) spend less but claim more: for every R1 its customers spend with Accelerit Technologies, they can claim R1.35 against their own preferential procurement scoring.
  • No management or ownership changes needed to increase scoring: if a company procures mostly from B-BBEE compliant businesses (Accelerit Technologies) with a high score, it results in their procurement score being high (without changes in financial structure or ownership).

By electing to use Accelerit Technologies as a level one supplier, clients and service providers alike improve their own scores as well as demonstrate the commitment and interest in growth. B-BBEE level one sharpens the company's competitive edge and opens it up to new state ventures, which proves its credibility.

Accelerit Technologies utilises a host of solutions to provide its clients with reliable Internet/intranet connectivity. By partnering up with the likes of LiquidTel, Seacom, Dark Fibre Africa (DFA), MetroFibre, Openserve, Comsol, etc, its services have a national footprint where it utilises fibre, satellite and microwave connectivity to guarantee it can reach even the most remote of areas in South Africa.

Quality service begins with a dependable network. Accelerit Technologies' network infrastructure operates with high-end equipment, specialising in Cisco, Juniper, Mikrotik, just to name a few. Accelerit Technologies offer cloud solutions that host Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, the Google Cloud Platform and many more. Find out more on how you can partner up with Accelerit Technologies by contacting, and let us work together towards economic growth.

It just makes good business sense.

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