Free live webinar – Security and compliance evolution in the data revolution

29 June 2020, from 1pm-2pm

Johannesburg, 24 Jun 2020
Read time 2min 30sec

What are the risks, regulation and benefits? How to ensure effective implementation for business survival?

Today, businesses from across sectors, ranging from financial services, industrial manufacturers, healthcare to professional services are operating in uncharted territory amid the chaos and upheaval brought about by COVID-19. The disruption has created a new generation of critical infrastructure for organisations, requiring new levels of security and oversight.

Rapid responses to the coronavirus pandemic, including shifting to remote working environments, have forced organisations to address the numerous privacy, data protection, security and compliance issues. Companies are now compelled to fast-track their security and compliance implementation to ensure their digital platforms are not only secure, but prepared for the risks and threats beyond COVID-19.

Date: 29 June 2020, from 1pm-2pm

Join the webinar as we discuss solutions to prepare for the future:

  • Overview and position of the data revolution due to the explosion of big data;
  • Risk profile of current ecosystem, compliance, data security and protection;
  • Measures and cyber defence strategies;
  • Effectively responding to regulatory requirements – GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and POPI (Protection of Personal Information);
  • Challenges, benefits and best practices for businesses;
  • Ensuring a culture of data privacy and security;
  • Implementing intelligent compliance and risk management solutions; and
  • Technology solutions to address security and compliance needs for business survival.

Kelly Chalom

Cloud Essentials’ in-house legal adviser and compliance specialist Kelly Chalom is a qualified attorney with over 20 years’ experience in professional litigation. Chalom has been extensively involved in mapping Microsoft’s governance control framework to various international standards. She has also developed an advanced yet very practical data privacy assessment and advisory workshop and a classification taxonomy workshop. The workshops are helping companies attain optimal compliance with data privacy-related legislation, including the GDPR, using the relevant Microsoft technologies and settings.

Chris Hathaway

Chris Hathaway is a founding member and Managing Director of the Soarsoft International Group and its subsidiaries Cloud Essentials and Salient Discovery. He has an extensive background in content management, migration, archiving, eDiscovery and a focus on the complexities and risks arising from the governance and compliance obligations in highly regulated industries like financial services, law firms and government institutions, more particularly within the realm of the current cloud services space and modern collaboration platforms like Microsoft Office 365.

Gushwell Brooks

Gushwell Brooks has been working within media, civil society, faith-based organisations and independent State National Human Rights Institutions since 2011. He is a law graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand and has written and spoken extensively on traditional media platforms such as his ongoing radio show with 702, via print and online media such as The Daily Maverick, Mail and Guardian and City Press.


Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. The company’s mission is to empower every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more. The breadth and depth of this mission unlocks unprecedented opportunity as technology transforms every industry and has the power to make a difference in the lives of everyone.

Cloud Essentials

It can be difficult to stay on top of Microsoft’s cloud developments and make sure your business is getting maximum value from its investment.

That’s where we come in – Cloud Essentials will help you take full advantage of Microsoft’s cloud functionality and fill any gaps with complementary solutions.

We are proudly vendor agnostic, assessing the best tools for each job based on hands-on experience with similar projects in similar spheres. We’re not software resellers; we’re specialists in delivering solutions and building partnerships for the long term.

Projects are always planned and implemented against a cohesive project framework, which enables us to set realistic expectations for our customers as they embark on their cloud journey.

As a Cloud Accelerate Microsoft Partner with over 20 years’ experience in delivering messaging and transitional solutions, we can help you navigate complexity, explore a multi-cloud strategy, and take advantage of best-of-breed software as a service (SaaS) to exploit your cloud investment as your needs and business challenges evolve.

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